This jam is now over. It ran from 2022-03-01 05:00:00 to 2022-04-01 04:00:00. View 29 entries

Time to unwind after a hectic start of the year with a chill game jam in homage to your favorite warm beverage! Create a cozy teahouse sim, a java-slinging character class for your favorite system, or a lyric game to be played while brewing your first cup of the day: the possibilities are endless! All ttrpg ideas are welcome. Old content is fine. Please don't crunch. Please DO charge for your games!

Games must be:

  • Tabletop role-playing game related
  • Coffee or tea or other warm beverage related 
  • Unaffiliated with bigotry or fascism

I highly recommend adding a text file version of your game for accessibility.


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A quiet game about running a tea shop on the border of the living and the dead.
A Solo TTRPG about tea and conversations
Build your shop, make tea, do witch stuff.
a micro rpg inspired by café loyalty cards
Infuse your favorite hot drink with some magic to help you through your day.
a witch's primer to brewing tea.
A solo journaling game of coffee and pastries.
An RPG Character Journaling Exercise
Short RPG to play while waiting for your food!
A GMless 2-player game about growing up and apart.
A solo café sim game. "You may not always get what you want, but you'll always get what you need."
Who will you be and how will you influence the world around you?
A Self-Care Ritual
Be witches, help your friends, and self-care
gmless game about a witch's familiars making them a cup of tea
A solo journaling game about preparing tea sets.
A TTRPG mini-adventure set outside the dungeon
The suave and dastartly villain known as Earl Grey has struck again! Can you stop him?
A game on a mug. Slow down and contemplate your story with a warm beverage
A rundown office FREE UNLIMITED COFFEE and drama abound
A one-page dungeon for coffee (or tea) drinkers
A short supplement for tea and coffee brewers in Mectors.
Have a tea party even if you're far away.
A GMless RPG of coffee and conversation
100% Guaranteed To Affect Your Morning
A silly solo character building speed dating game
Meet your old witch friend again, 30 years after your last adventure.