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Are you someone who's excited that it's barely halfway through August, but we're already seeing the creepy and witchy goodies gracing the shelves at our local art supply stores? Does the idea of pumpkin spice everything make you tingly? Are you impatiently awaiting the setup of the local corn maze? Well, do I have a game jam for you! 

Do you have a horror game you've been working on, but haven't quite finished? Or maybe a cozy, witchy game that uses a tarot card mechanic? Maybe something with ghosts or a haunted house for a group of friends?  You're in luck! This is the place for all your autumn-themed, Halloween-based, orange-tinted TTRPGs! While we're happy to have games that have been previously published, we'd love to see new games and first time game designers join us, so be sure to tell your friends. 

The game jam will run from August 21st through September 24th, at which time we will setup a bundle for folks to submit to for the month of October, should they wish to join. That bundle will launch on October 1st, and will only be available for games submitted to this jam. 


  • Your game must, in some way, be related to autumn, Halloween, witchy, or horror themes.
  • Your game must be a tabletop roleplaying game, either solo or multiplayer. This can include play-by-post games, a hack or SRD-based game, a module, a supplement to an existing game, etc. 
  • Your game must include warnings if any content could be considered "adult" or "sensitive" in nature. This includes themes with gore, body horror, triggering phobias, or themes of an emotional nature. 
  • Games with bigotry or promotion of hatred towards marginalized groups are not permitted and will be removed immediately (E.g. sexism, racism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism). 
  • Games that include "AI-generated" or "machine learning generated" art are not permitted and will be removed immediately. 

While not requirements for submission, it is strongly recommended that each game come with a text file version of for accessibility. We also strongly encourage pricing your work: In this house, we pay our artists and designers. 

Please use the hashtag #CodeOrangeJam wherever you shout about your projects - If you have questions (or just want to chat about your game, or TTRPGs in general) you can find me here on, Twitter, or BlueSky @EMGiosia. We have also setup a community page for this jam here on, so if you'd like to discuss submissions or workshop a project, please use it! We're all here to help and support one another.


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1- or 2-player, DM-less, hexcrawling TTRPG.
A real-life/journaling roleplaying experience. Enchant the ordinary objects around you and unleash your potential!
An adapted adventure for Mausritter
A Lovecraft-Inspired solo journaling game.
It’s haunting season but your favourite haunt, the local school, is prepared this year.
Reimagine your day in this daily journaling game
Adventure into the land of tricks and treats and help save the Fall Full Moon Festival!
Three spooky games for younger players, each on their own bookmark!
No one has ever heard your voice in all the time you have been here. Even so, you continue to call out.
(2023) Four-page Vaults of Vaarn TTRPG adventure
A MOSAIC Strict phenomenon to include in your horror games
A game about turning into a beast, going through the city, and recovering your memories to become a human again.
A solo Descended from the Queen card game about talking to your reflection.
Speak with a pleasant ghost about your stresses & problems in this solo journaling TTRPG
Narrate a tale of terror with your coven of friends using this divination guide
A One-Page RPG about Selkies swimming into town to sing songs and solve crimes
You're a Hobgoblin. Your goblins get gold. Stay on top.
An antology of games based on the short stories of E.A. Poe
A horror RPG about surviving the unexpected
A solo journaling game of trick or treating.
A Halloween themed roleplaying game supplement for the game nowpunk.
A solo journaling game about a small town psychic.
A Narrative RPG where you cast runes.
Stop the blight before Wanderhold has no food to survive the winter.
GM-less Existential Horror Tabletop Game
Single-paged reflective... thing that could technically be deemed a role-playing game
A parallel storytelling ttRPG for 1+ players. You are a wisp trying to remember who they once were.
ONAHE is a friendly Halloween themed TTRPG about stopping the apocalypse,
Navigate a labyrinth to get to the underworld in this mythology-inspired solo ttrpg