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Welcome to the First CloudTheWolf Game Jam!

It's a new year, a new decade and time for something new.

You have 1 month to create a game that fits within the following criteria

Theme: A Fresh Start

Genre: Any

Engine: Any

Platform: Windows or Web. 

Duration: Anything up to 30 mins will be judged

Prizes: None, this is just for fun! 

 Join Our DIscord Here:


1 - Assets

1.1 - All assets made for your game must be made within the time frame of the jam.

1.2 - Public assets, both free and paid are permitted. 

1.3 - And 3rd party assets must be credited in a file called credits.txt. If from an asset store / Forum, please provide a link. If it's custom made by a 3rd party, please include contact details of the creator. (We may contact them in future regarding consent for their work and to see if they are happy for us to promote them in our discord)

2 - Teams

2.1 - You can work as a team or solo.

2.2 Teams can be of any size, however it's recommended to have a maximum of 4 members. 

3 - Content

3.1 - All content must be SFW and suitable for anyone aged 13 or older.

4 - Discord

4.1 Joining our discord is 100% optional

4.2 When joining our discord, Follow the instructions sent by the bot. 

4.3 Once you are in our discord, raise a support request and provide your name and we will issue you a shiny new role.

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