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Hello Everyone !

THEME:     ("The Goal is to Lose”)

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Your game will be rated on:

  • Theme: How related is the game to the theme if the game jam?
  • Fun: How fun was the game?
  • Game Idea: How many stars out of 5 will you give the general idea and the goal of the game?
  • Graphics: Animation, Colors, Textures, Material, Sprites, GUI, etc...
  • Audio: Sound effects, Music, etc...
  • Overall: In general, how many stars out of 5 will you give this game?


    The #1 winner will get a role in our discord server (this role will let you send messages in the #ads channel to advertise your stuff).     winner's name / nickname will also be featured in the #winners channel with all their social network accounts usernames.


  1. Everything has to be made during the jam. You can't use code or assets you made before the jam or from other sources.
  2. Assets from the asset store aren't allowed either, except assets that don't contribute to the game and are used to make the work easier and improve your workflow. Example of allowed assets: TextMesh Pro, ProBuilder, Post Processing Stack, ShaderGraph, A.K.A. Package Manager assets. Standard assets aren't allowed. Another exception to this rule are fonts, you can use them as long as they're free and you follow their license.
  3. Teams are NOT allowed in this jam.
  4.  You can only rate games in this jam if you have submitted your game (if not, you will not be able to rate others games).
  5. No NSFW or Jump Scares in this jam.
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Tyrannia has blonde pigtails and a bad attitude.
Card Game
The goal is to lose your own life! Do it as fast as possible!
Make sure to lose the game so you get paid by a gangster!
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Play in browser
Try to ditch your car into the cliff after some offroad action...
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