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Theme Specifications:

You can interpret the theme however, but your game must reflect the word color.  To elaborate, you can do a variety of things such as having color be used as a main mechanic, have a world full of diverse colors, but overall it needs to relate to the theme color.  You will excel in your theme rating if you have multiple things in   your game relate to it, such as the level design, core mechanics, characters, etc.

  • No NSFW.
  • Stick to the theme.  Be sure you read what it is and the explanation thoroughly.  If you do not follow the theme with your game, you might be disqualified.
  • Your game application must be downloadable or web-based.  Be sure that the game is compatible with most computers either way.  If you have any questions or concerns, or need more information about this rule, please contact a host.
  • Your game cannot be an addon of another game and/or created using a software that was not intended for the creation of video games.  It must be a software strictly used for the development of games, such as Clickteam Fusion 2.5, Unity, Game Maker, etc.
  • You can form teams.  It is suggested to do so with websites such as Crowdforge.
  • You cannot submit your game after the deadline or ask for an extension.

Your project will be voted on these following categories:

  • Overall Experience
    • How did this game make you feel?  In the end, even if it had an intense mood, did you enjoy the game overall?
  • Theme (Ranked by Hosts and Judges)
    • Does the game stick with the theme?  Does the creator specify their interpretation of the theme?
  • Innovation
    • How creative was the game?  Was it just a re-color of another game?  Have you seen this type of gameplay before?
  • Compatibility
    • Did the game have many bugs and glitches?  Does the game function well with its specified compatible systems?
  • Visuals
    • Are the visuals pleasant?  Does it fit with the mood of the game?  Did it improve the experience of the game?
  • Audio
    • Was the majority of the audio original?  Regardless of if it's original, does the audio align with what is happening in the game?
  • Fun
    • Did you have fun with the game?  Did it get too repetitive?  Did it get too dull?  Did anything ruin your experience?

  •   Able to help choose a suitable theme for the next CloudJam.
  •    When communities such as the Discord are created, you will receive a custom champion role.
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A short Physics Based Puzzle game, focused around Colours
Colorful Chaos!
Jump and shoot to save the planet. An action-adventure shoot-em-up platformer
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