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Welcome to the Climax Game Jam in support of Mind! 

Participants will be challenged to design, craft, and code a game in 48 hours from the 4th-6th of March. All funds raised during this virtual Jam will go towards improving awareness for mental health issues, advice call lines and resources, and supporting community projects.

If you're interested in taking part, please join our Discord where those participating can team up, share ideas, and help each other out. We'll kick off with a Theme announcement in an opening Twitch stream (more details to come) starting on March 4th at 6pm GMT and will end at 6:30pm on Sunday. If you're unable to join in then you can still get involved as we'll stream a series of updates on people's development progress.

Jam Rules

  1. The game must be produced during the 48 hours of the Jam. You can use any appropriately licensed engine, software, or assets. 
  2. The games must not include any discriminatory or offensive content, sexually explicit content, or extreme violence. We want the games to be able to be enjoyed by all and to remain suitable for us to show off in our streams. We also ask that games should be considerate of mental health related issues.
  3. There are no maximum or minimum team sizes. However we’d suggest that teams of around 4 tend to work best.
  4. The game should incorporate or draw inspiration from the theme in some way. The theme will be announced at the start of the Jam.
  5. The games can use whatever hardware or platform you want, although Web or Windows based games that use mouse and keyboard will make it easy for people to play them. Local co-op may also be difficult due to it being a virtual Jam.

Participants are encouraged to make a £5-10 donation however this is not mandatory. Jammers could also raise money via sponsorships from friends and family. Anyone who wants to support Mind can donate at any point during the event. If you'd like to make a donation, please see our Just Giving page ( or use the donation link below .


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Two beans, chained together, searching for freedom
Made for the Climax Studios Game Jam. Try to get daisy the cow through an old antiques shop without smashing anything!
Play in browser
Don't you ever break the chain....
Chaining up friends, no strings attached!
A conversation with four aliens.
Visual Novel
Build Chain For Mega Score
You need to collect enough daisies to make a chain and escape before it's too late!
Game for Climax Games GameJam 06.03.2022
Find your friends and head to the party zone!
Use your chain gun to move blocks
An interesting Sky Dodging Game
A bunch of trains, can you survive your journey?
Break out of the food chain
Play in browser
Cause chain reactions and save your girlfriend!
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Play in browser
Help Rodney plug in his TV by connecting the cable to the current
A SNES game about slapping people. Horribly unfinished.