This jam is now over. It ran from 2021-04-22 19:00:00 to 2021-05-02 19:00:00. View results

When? April 22nd to May 2nd, 2021 

Where? Online, safely from home!

Theme: Clean/Renewable Energy Solutions 

We are once again inviting game creators from around the world to make games that explore solutions to address a rapidly changing planet. Together we can make a difference!

When you begin working on your games please take any or all of these words for inspiration.

How to Jam

Join us on Discord! – - easy way to ask questions, chat, meet other jammers, whatever. If you haven't yet, be sure to say hi in the #introduce-yourself channel. We have #cj21-looking-for-group channel where you can meet others who are working on the jam, and many other channels dedicated to helping you have the best experience possible.

For first-time jammers, we've assembled a list of resources to help you get started as well as inspiring words from our Climate Jam Mentors. And don't hesitate to ask us any questions you might have in the discord!

We are planning to do a Twitch stream following the jam on the IndieCade Twitch channel featuring all of the games made at the jam, If you would like your game to be a part of the final presentation please create a video of 3 minutes or less including gameplay footage/narration/stories about the process of creating the game, whatever you feel you want to share about the game, your team and your experience and include the video in your submission or a link to it on YouTube. Your video should include the game name, team name (if you have one) and any identifying information about your team members that you wish to include (names, roles, etc.). We will give you a warning in advance of the stream going live so you can watch and promote it to your friends and followers.

Interested in play testing? Just let us know on Discord and we will post some options.


  • Saturday, April 17
    • 12pm - 3pm PDT - Gather.Town Social
      • Meet other jammers, organizers and mentors to get ready for the upcoming jam
  • Thursday, April 22 - Happy Earth Day!
    • 12pm PDT - Kickoff Panel
      • Start jamming!
  • Monday, April 26
    • 10am - 1pm: Show & Tell/Feedback session (on Discord)
  • Sunday, May 2
    • 12:00 pm PDT - Jam Ends
    • 3:00 pm PDT Final presentations in Discord, streamed to Twitch
  • Thursday, May 13
    • Winners announced

Meet the Mentors

We are so excited by the mentors joining us for this year's climate jam! During the jam, mentors will be available to share their knowledge on discord at #cj-mentor-lounge.


Following the jam, we will be giving Acknowledgments and Awards - including media promotion and inclusion at an IndieCade event.

  • Grand Jury’s Choice
  • Positive Impact  
  • Most adventurous/ innovative
  • As well as honorable mention awards in art, design, sound and more … 

Games are due on Sunday, May 2nd at 12pm PDT!

Award Eligibility Must be 13 or over. Must be submitted by the due date and hour (12:00 PM PDT 2 May 2021) Must be completed to the point of running as a prototype. Must represent original work ( plagiarism and/or forgery will be disqualified)  All assets used in the project must belong to the creators or be used under an appropriate license.

Award Selection Criteria Entries will be reviewed by a review jury of not more than a dozen members on a simple point system. Games must address one of the theme topics. A winner and any runners up will be announced MAY 9.


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Android (1)

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Take charge of an evil energy company
A discussion on low-tech with a Commodore 64's modified AI.
Play in browser
Climate Jam 2021 - By ILIKESCIFI Games
Welcome to your Planit! Now it's time to save it!
A Renewable-Energy Resource Tower Defense Game
Play in browser
Submission for IndieCade climate jam 2021
An idle clicker game about building renewable energy sources.
Use your limited time and energy to make choices that improve the planet and your life.
Play in browser
Save lives and make money by providing power to the US grid.
Construct a futuristic, sustainable city in a single building!
Play in browser
A game about narratives.
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A game about desperation, the environment and a dystopian future.
Visual Novel
Place wind turbines in the most effective place to get the most energy generated.
Play as a raven, collecting trash off of the beach.
City builder for Climate Jam 2021
Interactive narrative about clean energy
Interactive Fiction
Defend your energy from the fossil fuels!
Play in browser
Bring the energy to citys! But in a friendly way!
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an interactive diorama
Play in browser
Play as a Pika whose sustainable energy sources need fixing
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Design a Wind Turbine!
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A story about how and why our actions matter.
Interactive Fiction
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