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  • Make a game or art piece that brings awareness to climate change
  • Share your progress on social media with the hashtag #climatejam
  • Use time, temperature, and the elements in a creative way
  • Let's bring awareness to this issue during these crazy times!

Greetings Earthling,

Humans have known about the dangers of climate change for decades now, but only recently have we begun large scale progress towards a cleaner future. Leaders from several countries under the United Nations gathered in 2015 to recognize the bold and urgent actions needed to reduce impact on the environment to decelerate the irreversible warming.

To fight back climate change we need fundamental changes to the way we live. A sustainable future demands action and responsibility.

Specially from artists like you!

Help us document the experience of climate change through art and engineering, to get informed and raise awareness of the challenging and difficult times ahead, and capture the power and hopeful feeling of the largest international agreement towards a peaceful mutual goal.

Man made Climate Change is a complex phenomena with scientific, environmental and social factors. Check out some information:

The amazing technological achievements of modern society started with the revolution on energy generation, as we harnessed fire and heat to move things and do the work of many living beings in less time.

Since the first factories, much has been discovered about energy generation, but the ancient techniques of burning carbon is still our major source of energy. And we use a lot of energy, think Las Vegas and traffic jams. Enough that the smoke we generate saturates the air and the water, making them poisonous and also trapping Sun heat that would otherwise radiate back into space.

We already have enough smoke particles (CO2) in the air to affect the climate for the next 100 years. There are other particles like that too, some even absorb more heat, but none is released in the same scale as CO2, they are called Greenhouse Gases, and they are cooking the Planet.

The unnatural pace with which the atmosphere was filled with Greenhouse Gases in the past 150 years has left little time for existing life to adapt to growing heat and toxicity of the air and water.

The devastating hurricanes and forest fires, and the dwindling ice formation and quicker water evaporation that dry seasonal sources, displace ever more animals. The Arctic is melting at unprecedent levels leaving bears stranded to drawn. The Great Barrier Reef is rendered white and bare.

While CO2 is toxic for animals, it is used by plants to generate their sustenance, the long standing surplus in the air has enabled grass and algae to thrive in new conditions.

The preservation of Earth's environment in the conditions in which our species originated is of primordial importance for our survival and pleasure. Sustainable progress is a must for a civilization of dreamers and futurists to prevent self-destruction.

Human made climate change has deep social impacts not only because of the chaos unleashed by natural disasters, but also because the economy and politics of 2016's international civilization is heavily dependent on pollution.

The majority of the largest business today are in the Oil and Gas industry, and all businesses depend on them for anything from large scale energy requirements to transportation, and plastic material for low-cost and disposable objects that fuels commodity consumerism wherever tired and overworked humans need solutions.

The extension of fossil fuel impact in the economy confers a lot of political leverage to these companies, ultimately granting permissions to exploit nature and get away with spills and waste dumping, and tax breaks and subsidies making alternative and more sustainable energy sources less attractive to investment and more expensive to consumers.

Slow and long-term environmental changes pressure communities out of their affected lands causing famine, civil unrest and violent conflicts for power. The largest and deepest humanitarian crisis ever. But also the largest coordinated effort towards a peaceful mutual goal.

Thank you!