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Climate Change Jam: Trial & Error

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Why a jam about climate change?

Climate change is one of the most pressing issues of our time! And what do games have to say about it? So far: Not very much apart from post-apocalyptic scenarios. We want to change that and create creative, exciting, fun and thoughtful contributions with you. Therefore We promote the connection between games and science and make games visible that deal with the topic of climate change.
Are you afraid of climate change? - Make a game about it!
Do you have any interesting statistics that impress you? - Make a game about it!
Are you trying to explain climate change to friends and relatives? - Make a game about it!
You like Fridays for Future, but you don't have time for demos? - Make a game about it

How does the jam work?

Our Jam is a warm-up for the game convention "Halle of Games" in cooperation with the Silbersalz Festival in Halle an der Saale in October. But you don't have to be there - the jam itself takes place online.

"Halle of Games" will take place on October 18 and 19 with talks, workshops and an exhibition. Until then, we want to jam with you and show the best games on site.

Climate change is complicated!

Climate change is such an incredibly broad field of causes and effects - where to start? We support you during the four months of Jamming with regular input, online workshops and a community! 
For this time we are building a slack channel where we can meet and discuss online. In the channel we will also speak German - but don’t worry, if you have a question we can reply in English, too!

What games should be created?

That’s up to you! In addition to games, we are also looking for board games, card games, social games, interactive comics, VR applications and apps. Everything goes!

Halle of Games

Who is organizing the Jam?

The team behind the jam are the organizers of the "Halle of Games" game convention:
Ilka Bickmann, Head of Youth Silbersalz Festival and science2public,
Simon Grambau, IT / Game youth team science2public,
Jana Reinhardt, Games & XR Central Germany and Studio RAT KING,
Mirko Skroch, UniGlow Entertainment,
Johanna Daher, online journalist.
If you have any questions for the organization, please contact us in our Slack or here on Itch.

Let everyone know - the more participate, the better!

Hashtag: #trialanderrorjam
Slack channel for help, showcasing your WIP and discussions: Link

How can I participate?

1. Register for the Jam here on!

On you can host and even sell your game projects for free. All you have to do is create a profile. That's it - no cost.

2. Visit us on Slack!

We want to get to know you and support you on Slack. This is not a requirement - if you just want to make a game, totally okay. However, on Slack we are regularly going to announce smaller workshops that teach game design, game development with Unity, board game design or give input about climate change. And if you have any questions or if you are looking for people to jam with, you are at the right place on Slack!

3. Your game is finished?

You can upload your game here at

4. And then?

In October we will exhibit and stream all games at the "Halle of Games". See you in real life on 17th / 18th October in Halle/Saale in Passage 13. More infos can be found here.

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Interactive Fiction
a sandbox forest simulation game
Lead your sewage plant through crisis, civil catastrophe and climate change, to save your hometown from flood.
Serious Game about particulate matter and its impact on the environment
Dive into the Ocean and learn how Climate Change and pollution have an influence on the Oceans and our life.