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Welcome to the first-ever CliCli Mini Game Jam! 

We hope you enjoy making your game as much as players play them!

This is the first CliCli Mini Game Jam! A one-week event where you can make your video game idea come to life with CliCli Game Editor.

Where to sign up?

Sign-up Sheet

For questions related to the jam or CliCli, please join our Discord Server. You can show off your progress, brainstorm ideas or even find teammates to help you finish your game jam project! 

What is the theme?

The theme: Death is Useful


  1. Click Upload under Publish in the CliCli editor before the deadline.
  2. Make sure to include "CliCli Mini Game Jam #1" in the game description not in the title.
  3. All submissions uploaded will be approved by March 29th at 12:00 AM PT.
  4. Once your game is approved, please go to the Creator Dashboard and publish your game. Games that are not published WILL NOT BE REVIEWED!!!

Voting Criteria

Voting starts at the end of the jam, and voting will end on April 14th, 2023 at 12:00 AM (Pacific Timezone). We will partner with Lionbridge Game Tester to acquire 200 real players globally to playtest your game. For design pillars, we recommend you focus on the following criteria:

  1. Theme (20%): Does the game/story fit the chosen theme?
  2.  Fun (20%): Does the game bring you joy?
  3. Art (20%): Does the game look good or unique?
  4. Music / Sound (20%): How good are the sounds and music, and more importantly, how well do they complement the game? 
  5. Mechanics (20%): Does the game have unique mechanics or design?

What's the prize?

Primary Winners:   Games will be scored across all 5 categories, with those having the highest scores overall being the prior winners. 

1st: $1,250

2nd: $750

3rd: $500

Special winner: $100 each (4 Best Game Ideas)

All winners will be notified via email as to their placement and how to receive their award. If you're in a group and win, please tell us how you would like to split. CliCli will not be responsible for any conflict between your team members.

Winners will be highlighted on our social media account and featured on the CliCli platform.

New to CliCli?

No worries!  We have a template and many tutorials for you to get started quickly!

Download CliCli

YouTube Channel

Demo Files and Templates

Support Channels on our Discord

What game creation tool can I use? - CliCli Game Editor. 

What assets can I use? - Any assets you have the legal right to use can be used for the jam (as long as they are credited), plus the thousands of ready-to-use assets provided in the CliCli editor.

What is CliCli? - CliCli’s name originates from the sound of clicking the mouse. It symbolizes the possibility of brilliant creations with easy means, enabling creators to bring their most innovative ideas to life through a mouse click. Our goal is to provide a highly efficient game creation tool that does not require previous knowledge of coding, and a distribution platform that is intuitive and immersive for players of all ages.

Legal and Other Documents

Creator Terms

Development Guideline

How to publish


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