Submissions open from 2023-04-02 18:00:00 to 2023-04-09 21:00:00
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Welcome, to Clicker Jam!

In this jam, you goal is to make a game in a clicker(also known as incremental) genre, in a week.

What are incremental games?

To put it simply - You do simple actions (most of the times it's clicking), and numbers rise. Incremental games also often include idle elements and upgrades. If you want a great example of an incremental game, check out Cookie ClickerCandy Box 2 or Antimatter Dimensions.


Your deadline is on 10th April exactly 7 days from the start, but you also get 3 extra hours in case you miss the deadline by a bit or don't manage to submit in time.


The theme will be revealed when the jam starts. You should follow it if you want to get a higher rating. (More info in the FAQ section)


You will be ranking each other's games based on following criterias:

Idea - Rate the concept, was it good, or bad?
Graphics - How does the game look?
Sounds (Music included) - How well does it sound?
Fun - How fun is it actually to play?
Theme - How was the theme interpreted?

And based on these 5 criterias you will also rank how the game did overall.

The ranking period will last 7 days from the end of submission period and by the end of ranking the winner will be decided.


- Can I do this?
- Yes.
- Even this?
- YES.
- But, can I-


Q: Can I use free assets?
A: Yes you can! Just make sure you have the rights to use them. Most free assets can require you crediting you, which you should do.

Q: Is EVERYTHING allowed?
A: Mostly... Keep in mind that other people will be playing your games. Apart from that don't forget to follow's Terms of Service.

Q: Is the theme mandatory?
A: No! But, it's one of the criterias when rating and it could affect the overall rating of your game significantly.

Q: Can I start early?
A: Yep! The thing with this is that it's a sort of double-edged sword. You can start early and make your game, and polish it a lot, but if you want to get a higher rank you would need to incorporate the theme in some way. But if you start when the theme is revealed then you can base your game around the theme from the start.

Legal and contact

Ownership to games you make for this jam are yours/your team's. But the host of the jam (from now on "me" or "I") may showcase your game/use it as promotional material without contacting you. This jam is not commercial in any way shape or form, and I do not make money

If you wish to contact me, you can either send a direct message to @x8c8r on Twitter,  x8c8r#2454 on Discord, or send an email to .