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"The year is 2013. On October 1st, the government will shut down. It's up to Tom Clancy to save the world."

Born out of simultaneous Political Satire and appreciation for all Tom Clancy contributed to the world of fiction and games, Clancy Jam coincides with the simultaneous anniversaries of his passing, and of the 2013 Government shutdown. In the spirit of Freedom and 'Murica, Clancy Jam is a Democratically vetted jam, where participants will be voting on their favorite submissions.

The Jam will run for 16 days, the entire length of the shutdown, and voting will run the remainder of the month. Share your progress socially, with #ClancyJam and keep up with others doing the same.

Choose from 1 (or more) of the following 4 criteria when planning your game:

  • Stealth Mechanics
  • Tactical Mechanics
  • Featuring Tom Clancy
  • Elements from an actual Tom Clancy novel

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