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All puns aside its time for the new great Christmas Jam!!!!!!!! I know ... This is the first one lol But STILL!

What are Christmas Jams?

Well kind Sir/Madam They are when you make a game only focusing on Christmas!

So therefore there are only two rules to Christmas Jams : 1) your game must be about Christmas as long as it has Snow, Trees, And is Festive then boom you might win! 2) all games submitted have to be created during the current Christmas Jam. You can do prep work leading up to it, in fact I encourage it. Prep away! HOWEVER you may not start work on the actual design or the game itself until the jam starts.

You don't have to complete the game to submit it. Uncomplete works/demos are avalible to be released!Completing the work for the jam isn't a requirement just creating one is. The Rating is for the best game out of all! The Top Jam Entry!!!!

Theme : Christmas Festiveness

We all know what christmas is! We all understand it so go! make a game about it!

Winning Category's

  1. Best In Snow : Top Jam Entry goes to

    Present Danger by ZebraFox Games

  2. The Biggest Christmas Tree: Sexiest Tree goes to

Santa's Christmassy Village

A new Snowflake: Best Game Mechanics

Reindeer Run


WOW SO REAL: Game with the Best Graphics

Reindeer Run by taizer

Christmas Caroler : Game with the Best Soundtrack what? its A TIE!!!!!

Reindeer Run by Taizer & Santa's Christmassy Village by BNC Entertainment.

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Fly in Santa's sleigh and view the sights of the Christmas village
An infinite Christmas Runner
Fallin X-Mas Edition. Enjoy the peaceful time around and before Christmas.
Deliver gifts. Get Cheer.
Play in browser
Assist Santa in delivering gifts to all the children in this challenging race.