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Welcome to the Christmas break jam! This is here for those who get bored over their Christmas break and want to make a game. There will be no prizes, but the prize of escaping Christmas boredom and creating an awesome game is great. This is supposed to be a rather laid back competition, so if you can't spend more than a few hours on your game, it's fine, as long as it's there. 

Theme: "Powerless." Get thinking, and get programming! Good luck!


1. All content must be made in the jam period. No assets, no prior work, no downloads, EXCEPT for any standard assets that come with the program environment, engine, or whatever. You may do anything you would like and use any tools to make the game, as long as it is within the jam. You must make note of all tools you use (such as game engines and languages). I STRONGLY suggest that you use free or open source tools, to give the people who do not have access to these tools a chance. (As in, use gimp instead of Photoshop, or unity personal instead of paid). This is optional, but HIGHLY recommended. 

2. Teams are allowed, of any size. You can work alone too, although dividing the work in a group helps get more done.

3. The game must be playable from start to finish, with a way to either win, lose, or both. Even if the game is unfinished, there should be some purpose, whether it is to avoid losing, to win, or both.

4. No NSFW content! Keep it classy please. Everything must be as appropriate as possible. You may have some degree of violence and whatnot, if it is important that your game contains it.  However, I want to keep this jam and it's entries open to all (or at least most) ages. I'm not asking you to add accessibility features. I just want to make sure that you create games you would be comfortable with having, say, your six year old daughter watching you play.

Innovation is the most important criteria that will be judged. Please do not just submit another platforming game or another Slender-man clone, unless there is something significant that makes your game stand out from the rest. The more inventive, the better. Also, please don't make your inventive feature or whatever sit in the background. It needs to have an importance in the game, and not just feel like it's been tacked onto a generic game and called innovative. If you want examples of what I'm looking for, try Braid, Portal, and The Stanley Parable.

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A "gripping" story about IT support.
Visual Novel
Santa on a rocket powered sleigh!
Timelooped forever
Role Playing
An exploration-horror-survival... thing.
A 2D stealth where you (subject 39) have been offered freedom on one condition: You must save Facility 421.