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Who doesn’t love chipmunks? They’re cute, cuddly, and great at storing stuff. That’s why when we were searching for a name for our new art pipeline and platform tool for game dev teams, we borrowed the name.

To celebrate the launch of Chipmunk, we’re hosting this chipmunk-themed jam! With cash prizes! Any game inspired by or featuring chipmunks that uses Chipmunk in the development of the project is eligible to enter and win. Chipmunk is free and easy to use, so there’s no commitment or purchase necessary to participate.

Our motives aren’t entirely pure: we’re also dying to hear what you think of Chipmunk. It was created with the input of dozens of artists and developers all trying to solve their pipeline problems, keep everyone on the same page, and—above all else—create great games and experiences.

Teams using Unity will have the best experience with Chipmunk since we launched with a Unity extension that’s ready out of the box. Features such as on-demand source file conversion and automatic project synchronization are only available to Unity users right now, but visual version control, support for 3D model viewing on the web, asset centralization are available to teams using any engine.

The Basics:

What is this? A chipmunk-themed game jam focused on/around using Chipmunk in a game dev project.

Why are you hosting this? To celebrate! We’ve been working on Chipmunk for a really long time and it’s finally here! The best part is that you get to reap the benefits—not just because you get to use Chipmunk, but because of those sweet, sweet cash prizes.

We’ve set up a Discord server for this jam! Come join the community here and share what you’re working on! Also, feel free to follow our Twitter account @getchipmunk and check out our jam-specific #chipmunkgamejam hashtag.

What are the rules? Foremost, projects must feature or be inspired by chipmunks. The more chipmunks the better, but adherence to the theme is prerequisite for participation. 

Secondly, projects must use Chipmunk as a tool in the game development process. All elements of the games created for this jam belong to the respective creators to do with whatever they like. We hope you go on to make something awesome!

Finally, projects for this jam must be created during the jam period. While you can use any engine, tools, or other assets you like, please play fair and don't rehash old games and projects for the sake of this jam. 

NOTE: We're happy to judge any number of entries, but we do require a minimum of 10 submitted projects in order to award prizes. 

How do I win? First, second, and third place prizes will be awarded by the Chipmunk team according to the following standards, each on a ten point scale:

Quality of Execution

Does the game run without errors/as expected on supported platforms? Are mechanics and gameplay elements well done, within reason?


Do we want to keep playing the game? Does it make us think, feel something, or have fun?


Is the game a recognizable clone of a well known game (fewer points)? Does it thoroughly explore original ideas or take a novel approach to well-tred concepts (more points)?

What can I win? Cash! $250 for first place, $150 for second place, $100 for third place. Paid via PayPal. Prizewinners are responsible for any taxes or fees, and we reserve the right to offer an equivalent or alternative prize in the event that PayPal will not work (due to country of origin or other factors). See FAQ for more information on winning.

Who can win? Anyone can participate, but Thinksquirrel employees (the makers of Chipmunk) and their family members are not eligible for prizes.


How much does it cost to use Chipmunk?

Nada. Chipmunk is free forever for teams of up to five with up to 5GB of storage. Our Unity plugin is also free!

Do I have to use Unity?

Nope, but it’s recommended to get the most out of Chipmunk’s features.

Is there a theme?

Yes! Chipmunks! Chipmunks of all shapes and sizes and colors and occupations. The only requirement is that Chipmunk must be used in the development of the project. We’re looking forward to seeing what you create!

How many people can be on my team?

There is no limit to the amount of people who can be on your team. We welcome solo devs, too! But while there is no maximum number of people that can be on a team, remember that only teams of up to five can use Chipmunk for free.

What if I have a problem using Chipmunk?

We certainly hope that your use of Chipmunk is error free, but we know that sometimes things happen. If you have a problem using Chipmunk, we’re giving priority support to everyone participating in this jam. Message us on Discord, or get in touch and mention the game jam, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!