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What Is Chip 'N Jam

Chip 'N Jam (derived from 'To Chip in' and 'Game Jam') is a 48 hour Game Jam to help raise some money for The National Video-Game Museum, which due to Covid-19 is having some financial issues. We know that times are tough for everyone at the moment, but if you can Chip in , it would make a difference. (You don't have to donate to partake in the Game Jam)

Theme & Modifiers

The theme will be released at 5pm BST on May 15th, through a premiered video on YouTube, which will be shared on this page, on the Discord Server as well as on the organisers Twitter profiles. There will also be 5 modifiers that you can use to enchance your games vision. Both the theme and modifiers don't have to be used, but are recommended for the higher scoring submissions.

The Theme :


The Modifiers:

Online - Make use of some online feature in your game. E.g. Playable in web browser, multiplayer, pulling data from online.
Retro - Add a twist to an old classic. E.g. Mario but as a stealth game or a space invaders idle clicker.
Dual Purpose - Create a multipurpose mechanic. E.g. a grapple hook to move around with as well as to attack enemies.
Accessibility - Include some accessibility features E.g. scalable text size or localisation.
Sound Informs Play - Use sound as a way to inform play. E.g. Hearing enemies footsteps getting closer.

Rules / Regulations

There just a couple things we want you to follow when partaking in this Jam:

  1. Be as creative as possible.
  2. You can use 3rd party assets that you can legally use and MUST be explicit in conveying what part of your submission is original.
  3. We don't want any of those lewd games, there's a time and a place for those... probably.
  4. Please don't re-skin a previous project.
  5. You can use any Game Engine that you want.
  6. You can work in a team or go solo! (If you want to find new teammates, check out the #looking-4-team channel on the Discord Server)

Get Involved!

There are several ways in which you can get involved. We have a Discord Server where you can chat with other developers, look for a team or even just share your current progress! You can also Tweet using #chipnjam to show off your work. If you want to work with a team, you can use the looking for a team channel in our discord to help you find a group, or you can work by yourself if you want.


Once you've completed work on your game, please submit it through this Game Jam page. When submitting you'll be asked what modifiers you used for your game. Once the deadline has been hit the submission portal will close and all submission will be open for public voting, where you can go and experience everyone's game, leave feedback and vote for their game!

Voting Categories:

Overall - How is the game overall?
Use of Theme - How well was the theme used?
Creativity - How creative is the game?
Design - How well is the game designed?
Use of Modifiers - How creative / effective were the modifier(s) used?

What's The Plan...

At 5pm BST (or your equivalent local time) on the 15th May, this page will update to include the theme and modifiers for the Game Jam. This will also be posted into the Discord. You'll then have 48 hours to work on an entire for the Jam, either by yourself or with a team.

During the Jam we're looking at putting on a couple events, either interacting through a live stream or the Discord. At the moment we're still discussing this though but we will put up more information once we know what we're doing.

After the Jam has ended and you've submitted your Game, there will be a 5 day voting period for people to leave feedback about your game and vote for who has the best game. There are no prizes for scoring the highest other than bragging rights.

Please note, we are not artists and therefore apologise for the bad cover image. 😉

Hey I spent a while on that, meanie :(


All submissions
Browser playable (9)
Windows (12)
macOS (1)
Linux (1)
Dual Purpose (5)
Retro (6)
Sound Informs Play (3)
Accessiblity (2)
Online (6)

No submissions match your filter

An action-adventure where you have to save the last Skatepark in the universe.
Yo, I heard you liked decks, so we made a deck of your deck so you can deck those enemies the deck outta here
Card Game
Play in browser
What if Pac-man was a strategy card-game...?
A Beat'Em'Up that knocks you of your feet!
Prepare your deck and battle on the deck!
Card Game
Try to keep your pirate crew alive and well for 20 days in this card survival game
Card Game
Play in browser
Made During the Chip'N Jam in 48 Hours!
Card Game
An projectile-like adventure game in space.
Island Exploring, Magic Wielding, Musical Bopping Looter Shooter
Created within 48 hours for the Chip N' Jam game jam!
Animal Crossing Fan-Game
Role Playing
Fishing on a small house boat.
Chip 'N Jam 48 Jam - Card Magic Chicken Game Thing
Play in browser
Help the King kill the Joker and save his family
Card Game
Play in browser
Text based adventure game with a tarot card theme and spooky feels. Made in 48 hrs for Chip n Jam.
Play in browser
Play in browser
Deck the ships, matey! Let's bring them down with our high-tech ships! Arrr!
Play in browser
A pirate fighting game (Made for Chip 'N' Jam)
Play in browser