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After a wonderful weekend of late nights, new friends, and of course, jamming, we have our official winners for the 2022 Chillennium Competition! Congratulations to everyone who participated--creating a project in three days is no easy feat and is an accomplishment to be celebrated!! Thank you all so much for joining and we hope to see you again next year!

1st: Smoothie Sisters
2nd: Painta and the Slime Mixup
3rd: Zero out of Five Stars

Game Design: Nocturnal Nightclub
Programming: The Cake is a Lie
Visuals: Dungeons and Drinks
Sound Design: Smoothie Sisters
Originality: Necronomimon

Chillennium is an annual student game jam that is organized by students, for students, hosted by the Texas A&M Department of Visualization. This unique event brings college students from across the world to collaborate and compete. Those who participate will have the weekend to plan, design, and develop a video game from scratch! No previous knowledge about games is needed, just a passion for creation!

Hosted in-person at the Texas A&M Hildebrand Equine Complex from April 1st-3rd.

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  • Games will be judged based on Game Design, Programming, Visuals, Sound Design, Originality, Theme, and FUN!
  • Awards will be presented to the Top 3 games, as well as best in Game Design, Programming, Visuals, Sound Design, and Originality.
  • All games must be submitted by April 3rd, 2022, at 1 PM CDT. Games cannot be scored after this deadline.
  • Mac builds are allowed but strongly discouraged as scoring will be taking place predominantly online and therefore may not be in a downloadable format for many judges. If this is your only option, a supplementary video submission is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
  • For multiplayer games, a video submission is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
  • While controllers are allowed, games must also be playable with a keyboard and/or mouse.
  • Only one person needs to submit your game to the page, however, all teammates must also be listed!
  • Please credit any free assets used.


"You really shouldn't mix those!"

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A tower defense game in which you must prevent supernatural creatures from leaving the Nocturnal Nightclub.
Zero Out of Five Stars is our GameJam project about making the worst dish possible.
Mix and match your battle buddy!
Role Playing
Bartender-presenting human serving drinks to survive the Underworld.
is in the wrong game...
Oh no! The paint slimes have invaded your home and are stealing all the color! Time to mix things up!
Get bread and dodge quadcopters!
2D Platformer
The Bureau of Public Health needs your help to save this society.
When it comes to bombs and babies you really shouldn't mix them up...
Someone is adding ingredients that don't mix. Find out the saboteur!
Defending with fire and ice!
Help Mona get Back to the Louvre
Work together. Let your wall down.
Kill the evil Lord Richmound by mixing food and gross items togther.
Mix water and electricity to defend your factory from intruders.
Done by Cory Minor, Malcolm LLoyd, Wayne Page, Tyus Dedner
Bartending meets chemical weapon creation in this hectic game of chemistry and experimentation!
Play as a lizard who must survive becoming an ingredient for a witch's new concoction.
Survive the elemental invaders!
Top down potion-chugging frenzy.