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BA-KEK! Often feathery, sometimes fried. Chicken Jam is a tabletop RPG jam in tribute to chickens everywhere, alive or otherwise.

To join #ChickenJam:

  • Feature chickens as something central.
  • Submissions SHOULD be related to tabletop roleplaying games.
  • It can be a supplement, a background, class, or a game as long as its something related to our feathered companions.
  • That’s it! Go crazy, honestly. It can be about a farmhand wrangling chickens, a heartbroken teenager comforting themselves with a bucket of fried chicken, or even a gun-slinging chicken sniper from the Wild West! 
  • Feel free to write the game in your native language, since chickens are UNIVERSAL.

Other #ChickenJam guidelines:

  • You can submit old games!
  • We highly encourage making your game accessible to others. This can be in the form of having community copies, as well as having text-only/printer-friendly versions of the game.
  • Submissions promoting any kind of bigotry or discrimination will be removed.

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Tales of cockfighting and the marital spats of gods. A system-neutral RPG scenario!
Chicken-based TTRPG about escaping destiny and the kitchen
Six Fowl Backgrounds for TROIKA! RPG
An RPG on staging a coup in a chicken coop and toppling the pecking order
A Firebrands Hack About Social Climbing for Tinola
A fiction-first Fantasy TTRPG about battle chicken monsters and looting golden eggs.
D20 Tool. Improved Familiars.
An egg-citing way of saving the farm!
(ENG/ES) A TTRPG system-neutral supplement about cockfighting
A short 5E module about chickens WITH HANDS
A card game about wrestling chickens
an atmospheric horror rpg of cooped up prey