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Jam Jam is a Chicago community game jam where the theme is a song from local musicians, The Darkhorse Collective

At the start of the jam, a brand new song will be revealed with music and lyrics made available to participating developers. Projects made for the jam should incorporate the song in some way and use it for thematic and/or gameplay inspiration. Feel free to interpret the song in whatever way makes sense to you!

We are collaborating with Indie City Games, which has generously allowed us to use their Discord for coordinating during the jam.

At the conclusion of the jam, Night City will host an in-person community reception and showcase of all of the officially selected games submitted to the jam, including a live performance by The Darkhorse Collective of the song chosen for the theme. 


  • May 22, 4PM Central Time: Kickoff stream on Twitch with theme announcement and QA; jam begins!
  • June 5, 4PM Central Time: Submissions due
  • June 7: Officially selected games announced
  • Friday, June 9 | 6PM - 9PM: Community reception and game showcase held at Night City

Theme Assets Download Link

Quick Links

Rules for official selection

To be officially selected, submissions must fulfill the following criteria:

  • Game must be submitted to the game jam on
  • One contact person on the team must submit an entry form.
  • At least one team member must be present for the showcase reception.
  • Teams are limited to four members or fewer. Participants may be members of multiple teams but may only be the contact person for a single game. Team members (usernames or real names) must be credited on the game’s Itch page.
  • Games must incorporate the song (music or lyrics) in some way and use it for gameplay or thematic inspiration. The game’s Itch page must articulate how the game connects with the song.
  • Any externally created assets must be credited with links on the game’s Itch page.
  • The game must be reasonably functional as determined by Night City.
  • Game size should not exceed 1 GB.
  • The game must be playable without a third-party installer.

Legal / IP Rules

  • The Darkhorse Collective retains exclusive ownership of the song recording, music, and lyrics, as well as any of the band's IP referenced by the lyrics.
  • The Darkhorse Collective grants participants a free license to use the song lyrics and recording, including modified or remixed versions, in games created for the jam and submitted to the jam before the submission deadline in accordance with all other rules.
  • The Darkhorse collective must be credited for any use of the song in the game credits and on any storefront or web pages the game is hosted on.
  • Developers hold all rights to the games they make.
  • Developers grant Night City the permission to use their game's name, screenshots, and video footage in promotional materials for Night City and future events.
  • Night City is not responsible for any games submitted. 
  • Games featuring text in languages besides English must provide a translation of all submitted materials not in English.
  • Night City reserves the right to not display and / or remove any uploaded games if the game content is broken, offensive or unsuitable as determined by Night City's sole discretion. This includes but is not limited to: games with harmful or prejudicial themes related to gender, sexual orientation, age, ability, appearance, ethnicity, national origin, citizenship, socioeconomic status, or religion.

About Night City

Night City is a Chicago studio focused on curating community-oriented video game development, festivals, exhibitions, and educational resources.

Night City’s mission is to strengthen community by:

  • Reconceptualizing video games as participatory community art.
  • Affording diverse, local creators an equitable space to share their work with in-person audiences beyond traditional commercial channels.

More info at

About The Darkhorse Collective

Blending elements of psychedelic rock, progressive metal, and almost everything in between, The Darkhorse Collective looks to create a new breed of modern progressive music. Full of many twists and turns, the contrast of heavy riffs, chaotic rhythms, and catchy melodies will demand your attention until suddenly you wonder… “Now how did we end up here?"


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Down with the dirty sh*t since 2023
A rhythm game with turn based combat, battle of the band style
Try to type the words of the song as you hear them!