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1 st is  Meals Redemption - Trust me, we can win

2 nd is  DreamZero - Break It

3 rd is 4 man squard team - Broken

Popular Vote is  DreamZero - Break It                   

Chiang Mai Game Jam is the biggest game jam in Chiang Mai where you make a game or playable prototype in 48 hours! Explore and interpret a given theme in your own way and bring that concept into life! Whether you want to team up with friends or go solo, this is a perfect opportunity to flex your creativity, level up your game development skills, and maybe win some prizes!

The event is open to everyone, from experienced professionals to absolute newbies. Whether you’ve shipped over a dozen titles or simply dream of working on your first game, this event is for you! Designers, coders, artists, composers, teachers, warriors, wizards, we invite you to come and bring your fun idea into reality!

The theme for Chaing Mai Game Jam 2019 is...

  • The game must be created, uploaded, and submitted within the jam period. Late submissions are to be approved by jam staffs.
  • You may interpret the theme however you like. As long as you can describe your game to fit in the theme, you can make it.
  • You CAN make any kind of games in the jam. (e.g. digital game, board game, paper game, or even some kind of play!)
  • You CAN use any game engine or tool you like to create your game for any platform.
  • You CAN use any game assets from any source as long as you have the rights to use it. And don't forget to give credits where it belongs.
  • You CAN work alone or in a team. There's no size restriction.
  • You CANNOT make a game that contains NSFW or any illegal content  (e.g. nudity, sexual, heavy profanity, strong and realistic violence).
  • You OWN your game! We as an organizer will not claim your game as ours. Although we may use the footage from your game for promotional purposes.
  • For any further questions, please ask jam staffs on the jam site or visit the community.

  •  Judging Criteria
    • Concept: Has interesting interpretation and execution of the theme
    • Gameplay: Has fun rules, mechanics, goals.
    • Aesthetic: Has compelling art elements (e.g. graphics, sounds) that support both concept and gameplay.
  • Prizes
    • The Winner: 5,000 THB
    • 2nd Place:  3,000 THB
    • 3rd Place: 2,000 THB
    • Most Popular (Popular Vote): 2,000 THB

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  • Use hashtag #cmgj2019 and #gamejam to share your content on social media!

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— I believe that this Co-op game will build stronger friendships. Well… used to...
Chiang mai Game Jam 2019
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