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Let's kick off the new year with the Charge Creation Jam ⚡
This is a time for all of us to get creative and create something cool using the core of the free, open and generic TTRPG.


Make something either powered or compatible with Charge and post it on
It's as simple as that! 

For example, you could

  • Make a new TTRPG.
  • Design a new Extra for Charge.
  • Make a new resource to use with Charge (character sheet, media build, blog post).
  • etc.

We encourage you to add a price to your submission, even if it's a small one.
You could use a "pay what you want" model or make it a paid product but offer community copies for those who need it.


  • Start with Charge SRD. It's a condensed version of all the rules of Charge ready to insert and hack into your game. This page also contains all the images and license information to make your content.
  • Check-out Charge RPG if you want more details about Charge works.
  • You can also read Quick Charge. It's a simplified version of Charge that's ready to plug and play in any setting. It mostly makes position and effect a bit simpler to understand


  • Canva and Google Docs are fantastic resources to make nice PDFs for free.
  • Easy Releasy is a great page going over all the image ratios when making an page



If you have a question or want to talk with other creators, join Fari's Discord Server or post your question on Jam's Community Forum.

Power Your Storytelling

The idea behind Charge was to make a free, generic and open TTRPG system to maintain as a community.
So far working with all of you as been a delight and I'm really excited to see what the future holds for us.

Charge only exists because of you, and together we can make it even better.

Now, let's JAM!
- RP / Fari RPGs


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Fight the Monsters With Steel or Silver in This Unofficial Witcher Inspired TTRPG
Play out a fun, wholesome, and chaotic baking competition with your friends! Just like in the shows!
Pastoral Life and Love in the Heartland
Reclaim the parazoic, a post apocalyptic future where dinosaurs once again rule the earth. Powered by the Charge SRD
A game about superheroes and healing.
Classic video game inspired roleplaying for 2-5 players
Become a Chroma Guardian & help the Muses stop Eris from corrupting the Earth— right in your own neighborhood!
The voyage of a refugee thourgh space
A mash up of Charge, Barebones Fantasy and Ironsworn
Play as a Glider and explore the wastes. A TTRPG powered by Charge.
Explosive Cinematic Action Roleplaying in Charge
A Powered by Charge game about an AI and the people who help it save the community, for 2 or more players.
A Charge Extra for Managing Party Details
A game of post-war fantasy thrillers, where all pacts are binding and life itself is the currency of the day.
Charge Extra to add a new mechanic to the roll: the Threat Level
A French One-Page Ttrpg About Super Parents Saving Their Kid
A Furry TTRPG Powered by Charge. When they tell you to give them a smile - show them how sharp your teeth are.
Play as an ocean documentary film crew in this TTRPG.
Tabletop Roleplaying in a VR Metaverse
A GM-less RPG about Running a Restaurant in a Realm of Monsters and Magic
An exploration and survival game powered by Charge
An interactive Google Sheet for your Charge RPG characters. Easy to use, easy to modify.
Hopepunk Sci-Fi TTRPG Powered by Charge