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Welcome to the first official Champ Select Game Jam!

A game jam is a challenge where a team works together to create a game from scratch. We do this because, to us, the best way to show your ability to create is by creating. When you participate in one of our jams, you're learning new skills, and adding content to your custom Champ Select portfolio. All the content from this jam will be available for you to use personally, but additionally we will be using the data for your portfolio, which will end up getting advertised to game dev companies when YOU and only YOU decide you want that to happen.

The only rule we have is that your game must not include any NSFW and offensive/discriminatory content. We wish for the games to be playable by everyone!

Apart from that you are allowed to use any game engine or framework, you can also use assets not made by you, but make sure you have the proper license to use them and crediting is of course encouraged! Making everything from scratch is not mandatory, but if you do you get to be extra proud of yourself at the end!

Do note for submissions, if you've submitted your game, do not delete it, if you delete your game you are out of luck. Making changes after the deadline is not possible. Also know that linking to an external site will disqualify you from the jam. So make sure your game is uploaded to if you want to participate.

You are encouraged to pair up in teams. There will be discord channels for you and your team members to congregate and discuss.

There will be no rating system for this jam, as it is not intended to be a competition but a learning process in which teams are showcasing their skills for employers, not for judges.

That being said, feel free to share and talk about the results once all games are finished in the discord.

This jams theme will be... An Unconventional Weapon

A rubber duck with laser eyes? Projectile launching wristwear? Perhaps a toaster cannon? Do your best to stick to the theme, but if not, there is no sweat. It is there to give you a starting point and to get you moving in the right direction. But remember to have fun with it!


Here's a link to the discord where you can find all the information you need!


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you have no gun as weapon, you have a toaster!
Space fairing ducks have never been so dangerous...
Silly little cookie laucher. The ghouls love it though.
Drop the Soap
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