Submissions open from 2019-12-07 00:00:00 to 2019-12-16 04:59:59
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I hope you're all ready to face a challenge as game designers! Will it be hard? Well...that is up to you. In the end, the best you can take away from this Game Jam is your willingness to try new things within the constraints of the challenge.

The last jam's challenge was: Continue-from-Last. Jammers had to make a game where each playthrough was affected by the previous one.

Game Jam Rules


Anyone is allowed to enter.

Unique Rules

Each jam in this series might have rules that are different from one another. These will be displayed further below.


Voting can be done by anyone, regardless of whether they participated in the jam or not.


For jams that feature prizes, a panel of judges will determine the winner. These will be separate from the community voting.

Judging Criteria

The purpose of these jams is to challenge yourself in design. As such, the most important part of your games should be its design, innovation and overall experience. For the purpose of the jam, visuals and presentation should only be important if they are integral to the design of the game.

The games will be ranked by:

  • Design: How well designed is the game?
  • Innovation: How well did it innovate? Did it create new mechanics or change existing ones?
  • Potential: Does this game have the potential to grow into something more?
  • Challenge Adherence: How well did the game follow the constraints of the challenge?


Everything must be made by yourself or your team. However, video and audio can be brought in externally, as long as you are legally allowed to use them.

Accessing Your Games

Games must be uploaded to and downloadable/playable through their respective pages. Pages that are used to contain an external link to your games will not be considered. Because of this, game-specific level/map/game editors and mods are not allowed.

Furthermore, if your game is too complicated to install or play, then it could be overlooked. Use a web player a simple executable or an installer for ease-of-play.

Sensitive Content

Any games that feature hate speech, nudity or excessive amounts of violence/gore are not allowed and will be removed from the jam. Please don't try to find a loophole! If you really want to include these in your games, then please find another game jam to join. A debate will not be had about this.

Rules Unique to this Jam

This jam does not possess any unique rules.