This jam is now over. It ran from 2021-08-27 22:00:00 to 2021-08-30 22:00:00. View results

WELCOME to the CGDC's Speedgame Challenge, 


The Speedgame: Hardmode is the Christian Game Developers Conference's game jam that adopts the Ludum Dare format and focuses on pushing your game development and organizational skills. You have 72 hours to create a game based off of a community voted theme. Whether it has a spiritual teaching or not is totally up to you. One thing is for sure, this format is going to help level you up!




August 21st - Submit theme for the Speedgame Challenge

August 27th to 30th - 3pm PDT / 6pm EDT / 10pm UTC, Reveal winning theme for the Speedgame: Hardmode and start challenge for the next 72 hours

August 30th - September  6th - 3pm PDT / 6pm EDT / 10pm UTC, Start community voting for best games in each category

September 6 - Reveal winners


 Most Innovative

Most Fun

Best Graphics

Best Audio (How good or effective is the sound)

Best Mood (Storytelling, emotion, and vibe)

Best Overall


Steam Gift cards, stickers, maybe other goodies too!

Best Overall: $10 Steam card + sticker

Winners in all other categories:

2nd Place: $5 Steam card + sticker

3rd Place:  Sticker


  • Give yourself enough time to upload your entry. Perhaps upload early, even if it's an incomplete build, then work on iterating and improving your project. After the 6pm deadline on the final day, you have ONE additional hour to submit patches, bug fixes, or edits of any kind. NO UPDATES should be submitted after that extra hour, any abusers will be penalized! Please check your timezone to make sure you submit on time.
  • Projects must list the resources they used and give credit, if any resources were not created by you.
  • Teams must not be greater than three people.
  • All games must be created during the course of the challenge, not before.
  • It is encouraged that games be made open source at the end of the challenge to allow other developers to see the underpinnings of your projects. This way we foster an open community that builds each other up by sharing resources. If certain licenses of libraries or tools do not permit you to make them open source, then omit these. NOTE: This only applies to the challenge game, not to any later revisions or iterations that you make to your game, in case you decide to continue work on the game, for example.
  • Some criteria must be met:
    • Games must not contain any extremes of the following: violence, sexual content, occult practices, or language. Use restraint.
    • Games must not breach any copyright laws. No plagiarism or taking other’s work as your own!
  • Any tools you can leverage for this challenge can be used.
  • You can reuse any libraries you may have previously created such as graphic, keyboard, or sound routines. Regarding libraries in general, if any are necessary to play your game, please add them as part of the zip or installation file so others do not have to go hunting down ways to play your game.
  • Please make your games playable in any of the following environments: Windows 7/8/10, Mac/Linux, Web
  • Games must include instructions on how to play your game such as controls and how the game works. A quick readme file, or in-game tutorial outlining the controls and general background information would be useful!

SUBMISSION INSTRUCTIONS will be used for all game submissions. Please put your project and all necessary files inside a zip and upload to your project page. Change the pricing to "No payments" and mark release status as released when finished making changes. All other necessary information can be filled as you see fit.

Once your project page is complete, go back to the jam page and submit your project!


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A small game about a monk, a lamp and a lot of darkness.
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Play in browser
2021 CGDC Speedgame Hard Mode Entry
Life inside a peaceful city but trapped behind darkness and walls. Visit GamesPage for Details and Video playthrough