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CGD Priestley  Game Jam is an annual game jam started 5 years ago. Its main purpose was to get the students to try out the skills both acquired during the course and independently. This has been a great success and we have had some amazing games created during the Jam. Our students are Btec Level 3 students that will give any graduate a run on their skills.

We have now opened this up to all and would love the competition far and wide.

Teams of no more than 6, you will have 4 days to complete the task, starting on Monday morning with submission on the Friday morning. Our students mainly work within the college hours however this often leads into out of hours time.

It is expected that you have a playable prototype of your game with as many levels as you choose. 

The only condition is that your Game follows the theme, how your interpret the theme is up to you.

You must upload exe. file of you game in order for it to be judged.

The theme this year is Expanding and Strange Power Ups

Keep in touch during the game jam using the #priestleygamejam

Good Luck 

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