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Here is the CFN Halloween Gamejam! It's time to see how creative you guys are. We will be easy on you. We give you two weeks to create a halloween game. It's only a small gamejam but we still want the best for you! Talk about the CFN Halloween Gamejam on Twitter using the hashtag: #CFNHalloweenJam

Talk about the CFN Halloween Gamejam on our Discord server

The rules:
1. Your game has to work on Windows
2.  Don't start the creation of your game before the gamejam starts
3. Be creative, this game has to be made by you.
- We do allow assets, but within range. This means: make things yourself!
4. The game has to work on a normal monitor
5. A team for the CFN Halloween Gamejam excists of a maximum of 4 people

You are free to use the engine you prefer, use what feels comfortable for you.


The winner wins a 2-hour meeting with Racheal (GOPublixPR). She will help you create the first media pitch you need to promote your indie game!

Forging your team

Crowdforge provided us a page to forge your CFN Halloween Gamejam team!


Edward (ComputerFiguur) - Founder of CFN and player of a lot of indie games
Kevin (Dragon Slumber) - Experienced indie game developer
Diogo (Lamina Studios) - Experienced indie game developer
Racheal (GOPublixPR) - Indie Game PR specialist
Shannon (Shannie) - Indie game player & horror game enthusiast

Criteria for the judges

- Creativity
- Originality
- Fun
- How does it look?
- Is it Scary?
- Sound
- Theme relevance


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A CFN Halloween Game Jam entry. Survive the night.
Walk through an enchanted Forest, eating Sandwiches and avoid Zombies!
Deadline Soldier is first person horror survival game
A first person horror puzzle game.