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Summary: Hopefully at final submission time, there will be an abundance and interesting variety of submissions which present new ideas pertaining to cellular automata and the implementation of their interaction with the user.


-You are not expected to start after or when submissions open. Begin work on your submission whenever it is optimal for its preferred quality, and the pacing of your life as it adapts to the jam.

-This is for the spectacle of emergence, from the automaton's operation and from your approach to the problem of creating a unique instance. It is not for emulation, even if that helps you restrict yourself in an effort to induce creativity. So, for example, your CA can be 2d or 3d, and it does not have to be grid based. Play with the formula.

-Team size is irrelevant. Contributors can vote.


-I see cellular automata as generally consisting of nodes which interact with each other to change individual attributes, but for the purpose of the jam and the site, your CA must be interactive.

Rating Factors:

-Innovation of Concept

-Cohesion of Implementation

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