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In 2001, a  cartoon was made for the network Noggin called Cecile and Her Very Own Universe.  Not much is left from the series other than a press release, one short clip, and a few images:

""A cartoon heroine for the new millennium, Cecile is a 12-year-old girl living in the huge, sprawling underground future world of Metro. She has a bionic arm, a canine computerized companion, and a secret. While everyone else is busy digging to the center of the giant planet, Cecile is doing the opposite. They don't know that she has a life "on the surface" where her curiosity leads her again and again. What she learns there lies at the heart of this unusual series"

This game jam is to promote finding Cecile and Her Very Own Universe by making games inspired by it. 


Must be themed around Cecile and Her Very Own Universe. (Since little is known, you can be as  creative as you want!)

Other than that, you may do what ever  you want.