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# CCAW! (3)

The CCAW jam is a game jam held by the Computer Club at WMU ( The goal of the jam is to have fun, learn, and make something that you can show to others!

# Rules:

  • Make a game based on the theme in the time allowed (54 hours).
  • Use any game engine (or lack thereof) that you'd like.
  • Teams are allowed, but max team size is two.
  • Do not use any assets that you have created before this game jam.
    • Royalty free art and music is allowed.
    • "Assets" includes art, music, and code, but copy and pasting old boilerplate code is fine.
  • Prize will be awarded to the maker(s) of the game with the highest overall score at the end of the voting period.

# Judging:

Games will be rated by the public. Even those that have not submitted a game can rate games. The 3 scoring criteria are:

  • Gameplay
  • Design
  • Theme Interpretation
  • Coolness 😎

# Theme:


# Prize:

This jam features a cash prize of $50! It will be awarded via PayPal to the maker(s) of the game with the highest overall score at the end of the jam.

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Claim your islands!
Play in browser
Steal all of the diamonds from their rightful owner, Rex, if he hears you, hide!!
Play in browser
Search the dungeon and return the villagers' jewels to the rightful owners.
Smooth talk your way to victory!
Interactive Fiction
Play in browser
Dodge the dogs so Cat can be the rightful owner of the couch!
A tower defense game made for ccaw game jam 3