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Listen up, slotheads! This is CBR+PNK Jam, a community driven event where we gather to celebrate, explore and expand the world of CBR+PNK before it hits the streets in all its physical glory.

The jam is all about embracing anything that meshes with CBR+PNK's energetic vibes. Whether you're forging a frenzied new /run or crafting new factions, wicked nemesis, or badass graphic assets, this jam is the perfect opportunity to showcase your creativity and make a bold statement about what you think cyberpunk should be. Heck, you can even shatter the damn core rules into a million fragments if that's what you need to manifest your vision!

We're plunging deep into the flashy neon underbelly of CBR+PNK—so gear up, runners, and let's jam!


  • The [thing] you make must be compatible with CBR+PNK and use the provided compatibility logo and legal phrasing.
  • Feel free to tackle on a hack of the rules, but keep in mind that CBR+PNK is a Forged in the Dark game and uses that system’s license. So you better check that out before you make huge commitments.
  • Slap a price tag on your [thing], if you want. And hey, consider tossing in some Community Copies for those struggling in the edge.
  • Usage of any explicit text from preexisting CBR+PNK content requires prior permission from the original creator(s).
  • Keep the drek far away from our turf: there’s no room for hate or bigotry in this corner of the grid.

[things] you can make

Go wild and create any[thing] your plugged brain desires for CBR+PNK. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Elements: Gear and/or Augmentations, NPCs, Gangs, Corporations, Communities
  • Modules: Run, Setting, Location, Alternative play mode, New mechanics, Generator
  • Formats: Trifold pamphlet, Two-page, Business card, Foldable poster, website/app.

Don't forget to download the CBR+PNK Creator Toolkit, which includes the compatibility logos, the custom font with official iconography and handy templates. Also, keep those optics peeled for what the rest of the crew is brewing up—you never know what circuit-frying inspiration you might score.


Take advantage of the jam’s community page to riff off ideas, share resources and find collaborators. For deeper discussions, plug into the Mythworks Discord server.

Liberate the word!

Once you're in the game, post in online using the tag #cbrpnkjam so I can se what you cooked and spread the word about the [thing] you’ve made. Same if you take someone else's creation for a spin and post a play report on the grid!


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CBR+PNK Last Run with Google Drive epic boss fight.
WONDERLAND is a one shot score for CBR+PNK centering around a legendary massive rave known as W0ND3R.
Role Playing
CBR+PNK Binary Tree Depth Crawl
A versatile One-Shot for your favorite dystopian future.
a heist /RUN for CBR+PNK
DARK CITY is a one shot scenario for CBR+PNK inspired by the Running Man.
Role Playing
Tremont Plaza is a supplement for CBR+PNK that introduces purchasable weapons, augments, and companions
Role Playing
Hack into the mind of a friend to save them from becoming a weapon.