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Welcome to CarlJam 2019!

This page will give you information for Carleton's first(?) video game development contest. Please DO NOT join this jam until you have approval!


What: CarlJam 2019!
When: May 5th, 2019
Where: TBD (check your emails for more details) Theme: Penguins!

We're hosting a mini-game jam. Spend the day creating your very own video game! Make a platformer, RPG, FPS or whatever your heart desires, as long as you incorporate the theme! Food will be provided, and prizes will be provided for the best games (awards will also be given for the best in other categories as well).


Game Jam: All day, May 5th
Judging: May 6th-May 9th
Awards Ceremony: May 11th;


  • Keep it PG-17-ish. If you'd get in trouble if administration saw your game don't put it in.
  • Work must only take place on the day of the jam. It's against the spirit of the jam.
  • Be nice to your fellow competitors. Don't make fun of others' games.
  • Participants should not spend money to compete in this jam. If you happen to have Unity, that's fine, but if you buy Unity to compete in this jam, that's not okay. This is to prevent resource gaps between teams. Don't worry, there will be a ton of resources provided at the jam!
  • One game per person/group, please!


What's A Game Jam, Anyway?

To quote Wikiapedia: "A game jam is a hackathon for video games. It is a gathering of people for the purpose of planning, designing, and creating one or more games within a short span of time, usually ranging between 24 and 72 hours, and some even longer." CarlJam specifically aims to help students get an introduction to video game development (or polish their skills!), and as such, is a lighter, shorter jam.

I'm not a 'tech person'. Can I still participate?

Of course! We will be offering crash-course and resources on game engines that involve no coding or graphic design knowledge. Even if you've never thought of taking a computer science class, as long as you like video games and/or video game design, you're absolutely welcome!

I don't have a team...

I feel you, and that's totally fine! As long as you've filled out a form, you will be matched with a team. Note that depending on interest, your team size and composition may vary.

I need graphic/music/scripting resources for my game.

Resources (sprites, images, music, scripts, tutorials) will be compiled and distributed during the jam. You can also use assets you find on your own (provided you follow the rules), but pay attention to the licensing agreement.

What is/isn't allowed in my game?

As long as you abide by the rules and incorporate the theme, you should be fine! Sky's the limit!


Contact jacksonk3@ for more info and questions.