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After several discussion sessions where the merits and potentials of playing cards in TTRPGS are looked over, the Card Mech Jam is born!


Write a TTRPG in which playing cards play a major role. Whether by hacking a pre-existing playing card game (e.g.: Blackjack, Solitaire, Poker), using playing cards as the main resolution mechanic, using playing cards as prompts, or even any other way that I haven't learned about yet! 
This jam is to explore the possibility space inherent within playing cards.

So, here are some ground rules. 

1.  This jam accepts pre-existing games, as long as they feature playing cards as a major mechanical component.

2. Don't stress too much, this jam is to explore new possibilities, however weird it may be. 

3. This game jam will not accept games that contain harmful, hateful, abusive content.


1. Are Tarot Cards okay?

Sorry! But this game jam is focusing more on playing cards and mechanics that use them!

If you have any other questions or concerns, feel free to contact me on Twitter @zuhayrimohamed. Please use #CardMechJam when discussing this jam and the games you are making!

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Background Photo by Amanda Jones on Unsplash


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what will you do in humanity's twilight?
A solo journaling game about a witch finding a home.
A solo dungeon crawling TTRPG
a Twilight Song playset of pastoral weird horror
A blackjack-driven story game of doomed travelers
A slasher horror card-based solo RPG
A story game about a city filled with extraordinary heroes and people for 2-4 players.
A solitary game of self-exploration, magic, music and pain.
An SRD for creating Guided by the Sun games
A solo game about a witch trying to bring back their dead lover through necromancy.
A card-based RPG of collecting weird stuff
Life in Simple Moments
A solo journaling / mapping game following a cartographer on a mission.
A two-player where you build the history between two people by reconstructing their memories
A story building game about building storeys!
Your Most Personal Journaling Experience
A map making RPG about climate change
A game of mistrust and death for 2 to 13 players
A solo journaling game about exploring the sea in search of the unknown
found-footage weird horror that never answers every question
A game about queens, eerie towers, and lost dreamers in love
take your strange, beautiful, and dangerous detours while you can
An RPG about ransacking many, many castles in search of a Sacred Chalice
A sci-fi TTRPG of action and adventure. You thought you had escaped your old life... but something has pulled you back.
A TTRPG about being lost and unsure and moving forward anyway.
A wacky extraterestrial road trip from Nevada to Ohio.
Higher-magic Knave variant using playing cards.
A Plural Dating Game
True Fact: No-one was ever hurt by a little bit of body-snatching.
Inspired by Aesop's Fables, this one-page LARP for two players explores a fight between greed and flattery.
ttrpg resolution rule using 2 decks of cards. Ideal for light weight ttrpg, fkr et similia
a game about what counts as folklore and what people remember about the past
An RPG about the far future of humanity
Two idiot pilots against one Mothership
a game about drawing on your talents
a game about secrets and playing cards
Solo card game where Dracula in the bat form, wants to fly through the city.
A GMless roleplaying game for 3-5 players about competition and growth
A Solo TTRPG Using Playing Cards
A One-Player TTRPG-ish Game of Alchemical Discovery in the Midst of Annoying Interruptions
Playing Card Based Psycological/Horror TTRPG
A thriller/horror RPG using playing cards.
a zine and a lyric game about memory
How far into the wizards tower can you get?
There is someone you need to bring back to life no matter what.
A solo journaling game about planning and preparing a week of meals for your loved ones
These pairs in the pyramid will tell your story . ..
In a game Illuminated by the LUMEN system, play AIs driving biomechs on Search and Rescue missions!
A solitaire TTRPG set in an alternate medieval universe
A solo storytelling game of the final minutes of the final match of the season.
Mech battle using standard playing cards. Be the first to target and destroy your opponent's core to win!
A card-based tabletop RPG about Death's agents carrying out missions in the mortal world.
a writing game of woes in translation, for two frenemies