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Welcome to our first Card Game Jam! As you may have guessed, it is a jam about creating a print&play card game. If it is well received, we might make it an annual thing!


I was looking at the Pizza Jam and was wondering whether you could also submit a physical (print&play) card game. I looked at other game jams and found that card games are totally underappreciated! So I and my siblings decided to host a jam entirely dedicated to card games.


This jam have a theme that you can, but don't have to follow. It is just in place to inspire you so there are more overall submissions. The theme is Preserving Resources (e. g. Public Transport, Saving Energy, Recycling).


Submission period is going to start on the third Sunday in February, 12:00 UTC. Voting starts a week later on 12:00:01 UTC; submissions will be locked then. Voting lasts until the following Sunday, 12:00 UTC.

Please do not start working on your project before the start date.

Submission guideline

  • You are of course encouraged to provide polished work that people actually want to play. If you submit something that does not look very fun, don't be disappointed when not a lot of people will play it. Of course, prototypes are also allowed. Beware you won't be able to change what is uploaded to your game's page during the voting period, but you can update these files afterwards.
  • You are required to provide the number of players in the dedicated field (you can format it any way you like, e. g. input "3" or "2-4" or "two recommended, more possible" or "2+").
    • Singleplayer games are not discouraged.
  • You can optionally provide the time a typical game session takes. We made this field optional because it may be difficult for you to measure this.
  • Take care about the following criteria as they will be voted on in the voting period:
    • Gameplay – First and foremost, make sure your game is fun to play.
    • Rulebook – Please show some efforts to create an easy-to-understand rulebook.
    • Card design – It is encouraged to create a visually appealing game.
      • You are also free to use already existing card decks with new rules.

Rules in summary (everything here has been mentioned above already)

  • Don't begin work before the start date.
  • Any number of players is fine. Maybe you want to create a card game you play during a party while anyone can walk around, maybe you want to create a singleplayer game. It is up to you.
  • There will be a theme announced a day before, but you don't have to follow it.
  • Gameplay, rulebook and card design are the three criteria that will be voted on during the voting period.


There is a chat room about this jam hosted on matrix! You can join the matrix room below or, if you don't know how matrix works, use Riot to guest-join.
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Build a railroad network and transport people to other stations.