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Theme: Legacy

Prize categories:

  • Best Game
  • Best use of modifiers
  • Secrets
  • Best use of technology
  • Medieval warfare
  • Best board game


  • Dance, dance, dance! - make a rhythm based game
  • Speed typing - Make a typing based action game
  •  So realistic! - only use real life, original assets
  •  DevBot - use the !idea command on devbot for a game title
  • What is a keyboard? - make a game that has non traditional input 
  • Make it purple! - have player customisation somewhere in the game
  •  Say cheeeeese - utilise a camera in some way
  •  Lincoln - make the game about Lincoln
  •  I bless the rains - Include as many lyrics to Toto’s Africa as possible (on the hour, every hour) 
  •  Itch, satisfied - Make a game entirely in scratch
  • Tom’s face - Add in the face of anyone called Tom 
  • Game Dev vs Comp Sci - nothing is off limits
  •  Marmalade - nothing is off limits
  • AND HIS NAME IS - John Cena 

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The one true Knight of the Dinner Table.​
Flail your way through the endless hordes! Define your own legacy!
A re-creation of the classic game of hangman, using VR and Twitch for a highly interactive experience.
Hoe farming
A simple retro inspired RTS made for CanJam 2019 with the theme of Legacy
game is bad