This jam is now over. It ran from 2017-04-01 07:00:00 to 2017-06-19 17:00:00.

Welcome Campers, to Camp Fanjammer 4: BREAKFAST BONANZA!

This is a game jam aimed at getting everyone started making games. No matter what your skill level is, everyone is invited to participate! Once the submissions period has ended, everyone will be able to try out everyone's games! There is no judging, just us supporting each other and having fun! You can make any kind of game you want, whether it be analog (tabletop game!) or digital (VIDJEO GARMZ!). The only limit is your imagination!


Starting April 1st, everyone will begin making a short game.

Because designing a game can be daunting, we're going to have a theme!

The theme of this game jam is: BREAKFAST

Make of that theme what you will. You can make your game as serious or hilarious as you want!

Remember, the goal of our game jam is to complete a game, no matter how small and basic!

F.A.Q. - (Frequently Asked Questions)


A. Don't worry! We'll help you brainstorm! <3
If you're a beginner and you need a recommendation for an easy free program to use, contact me @bubblyoasis or Ben @zesuben on Slack.

Q. I have trouble completing games. Can you give me any advice?
A. Here's 8 tips that have helped me:
1.) Make a plan and keep it simple! (Don't create a 100-hour RPG like Joanie did her first game jam.)
2.) Keep your game short, easy to play in 10-15 minutes.
3.) Try focusing on a single mechanic or idea. (e.g. You're a skeleton who cooks spaghetti.)
4.) Make it playable, not perfect.
5.) Don't be too hard on yourself, especially if this is your first game!
6.) Even if you don't 'finish', submit what you made anyway! :) I didn't finish my first time, but everyone liked my submission anyway!
7.) Focus on creating the most basic working mechanics before adding any special features. This is what game design people call "Scope Creep" - don't let it happen to you! :D
8.) Don't worry about your art and sound not being perfect, just make sure they are functional, if necessary. You can always polish this game later.

Q. Okay, I made a game. How do I submit it to this game jam?
Just follow these instructions:
1.) Create an account. (It's really quick and easy.)
2.) Login and click on the down arrow next to your user-name.
3.) Click on "Upload New Project."
4.) Follow the instructions on the upload page and fill out as much information as you want.
5.) Upload the game file.
6.) If you have time, upload a title image or some screenshots.
7.) Once you've uploaded the game to itch, come back here and submit your game to the game jam!
8.) Marvel at your accomplishment and revel in the joy of discovering everyone's creations!

Q. Um, I made a tabletop game. How do I submit that?
A. If you're submitting a tabletop game, make sure to save it as a type of file that people can easily open and print out, such as a Word Doc or a PDF file (as people may not have Photoshop or other specific programs). Bonus points if you can get players to use household objects and common items as playing pieces! (For example, most people have a pair of dice) If you need a good example of this, the people of CheapAssGames do just that!

Q. My question isn't listed here! What do I do!?
If you have any questions, or just need some support, please contact Joanie (@bubblyoasis on Slack).