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What Is Shudderspeed?

Shudderspeed is a TTRPG inspired by camera horror series like Fatal Frame/Project Zero and Dreadout.

I wrote it on a whim, then accidentally followed it with the mechanics expansion Lens Flair and the adventure Darkroom.

Shudderspeed is CC BY NC 4.0 because I'm in the habit of just throwing that license on things---but I quickly realized the system was pretty easy to write for and other people might want to make their own material, so I put together this Amateur Photographers' Guide with a few rules anyone can follow (and some optional suggestions) to make their own commercial Shudderspeed content.

Tl;dr, if you're not a big company or actively trying to make the world worse, you're good, go for it.

What Is Camera Jamera?

The purpose of this jam is to make new Shudderspeed material. I'll be making some of my own, but I'd be thrilled if other designers from the community join in.

This is not a ranked jam, it's not a bundle feeder (although I can do one afterward if there's interest,) and I'll happily put links from my itchio page to any Shudderspeed stuff people create.

The goal here is to have fun, make some game material about photographing ghosts, and adapt a neat game genre to tabletop.

Do I Have To Make Shudderspeed Material?

If you feel compelled to adapt the camera horror genre in a different way, that's fine too. This is intended as a jam for Shudderspeed, but if inspiration strikes you and you write your own system, heck yeah, add it to the jam anyway.

Likewise, it's also completely okay to hack Shudderspeed's core rules to do something they weren't meant to. If you want to change the game's tone to something more upbeat like Pokemon Snap, or you want to swap out the cameras for dice, or you'd rather pull from different media sources like Outlast, Gonjiam, or Blair Witch, that's all good. Have at it.

Questions And Support

If anyone has questions or would like support, I can be reached at @SprintingOwl on Twitter.


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5 Locations 15 Ghost TTRPG Supplement
A ghost-hunting photography TTRPG
Quickly generate haunted locations to explore with Shudderspeed.
supplement for shudderspeed based on slavic folklore
A Rules Extension For ShudderSpeed
Risk it all to gain a greater understanding of ghosts. Shudderspeed TTRPG supplement.
Character background options for Shudderspeed.
Hunt ghosts with a film camera!
Optional PC development rules for Shudderspeed
An alternative ruleset for Shudderspeed
An expansion adding escape mechanics to Shudderspeed.