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I've never run a game jam, so this'll just be a casual way for me to learn while I'm off work for the holidays!

But it's also a way for YOU to finish a whole game! You'll have 6 days to (ideally) start and finish a single TTRPG (or more if you choose) using Caltrop Core

Let that inform your planning and scope. If you've already started a Caltrop Core game, it's time to finish a full draft! Doesn't have to be polished or pretty. It just needs to be playable.

Let's go!


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A game about Power, Responsibility, and the Past you can't avoid
Play as supernatural creatures battling Nazi's in an urban fantasy, alternative history World War 2.
The storytelling game of deadly rivalry for two players.
Resist your bondage and make it to the Free City of Avet!
A Sci-Fi RPG about fighting back against alien invasion
A Tabletop RPG about Immigrant Families and Convenience Stores
A 2-3 player game where you fight your villain girlfriend and secretly make out
Kick, punch and drink your way through the dangers of peasant life in this QWOP-esque TTRPG.
A rules light game of court intrigue
A tabletop game of anti-fascist action and revolution.
Work as a team through chaotic planet events to succeed in building your sustainable habitat and reviving the planet!
Piracy and Politics on Strange Seas
Here to kick butts and eat pizza, and I'm all out of butts
A TTRPG about playing Journalists in a superhero world.
A Caltrop Core TTRPG about monsters rescuing foolhardy adventurers
Find love. Kick ass. Fighting game/dating sim TTRPG (built on Caltrop Core)
A tabletop roleplaying game of deception, desire, and danger.
A Caltrop Core TTRPG about fighting shadow monsters on motorcycles!
Science fantasy action adventure powered by Caltrop Core
A TTRPG About Eating Trash and Scaring Humans
Hunt monsters in the dark streets of a Gothic city inspired by Bloodborne.
A nautical terror Caltrop Core game.
A Dungeon Crawl TTRPG
Souls going through trials before final judgement. Solo mode included.
A free-form adventure game, built on the Caltrop Core system.
Play as Weatherman agents in this narrative first espionage game.
A Caltrop Core TTRPG about Fairies
In the evening when their Kids are asleep, the Soft & Fluffy toys awake to guard their dreams.
A TTRPG where you are a toy charged with going to the Nightmare Realm to bring back your Child's Joy.
An online story-writing game based in Google Slides that helps kids write stories about raising monster babies!
Keep the Townships safe and well fed as Combat Chefs!
ttrpg Rules-lite God Killing Simulator
A game about traveling The Route.
A Caltrop Core game about fierce rivalries, fast cars, and burning hearts!
Establish Communities Through Working Class Wizardy
A CaltropCore Collectible Battle Anime TTRPG (about snow globes that give you super powers)
A hidden-role TTRPG about fighting back against unknowable terror.
A fantasy tabletop RPG about saving the world, and maybe trying to keep it that way.
A CaltropCore monster care game!
a quick and simple way to play both your favorite table tops and your favorite card games in one go!
A New Weird TTRPG based on Caltrop Core
a game of breaking cycles of destruction built on the Caltrop Core system
Create amazing characters from massive Spotify playlists.
A rules-lite TTRPG about finding shells and achieving dreams ๐Ÿน
A game for 1-6 players about relationships to bodies, the world, and each other
Fight Crime, Burn Gear, Hold Out Til' Dawn
A two-player RPG about giant fluffy monsters exploring the world and play-fighting against each other!
Investigate mysticism, deceit, murder, and more
A game of objects
A Caltrop Core game where you use your collection of d4s to scheme, perform, or strike.
Goblins with big dreams and little chance of survival.
Powered by #CaltropCore
Role Playing
TTRPG pixie prison break
A stupid hack of a game, made for confusing but customizable RPG-gaming.
On a crossroads of life, what will you do?
a Star Fox inspired TTRPg
Explore the deep ocean. Escape the deep ocean.
Infiltration and Liberation
A grim TTRPG about slaying monsters!
Interactive Fiction
A Caltrop Core game where you use your platonic solid math rocks to emulate the elements the way Plato envisioned.
Unreliable time travel! Adventure! Shenanigans!
A TTRPG of walking through the woods.
Bandits have launched an assault on the most popular tavern in town! Too bad its owners are retired adventurers.
Roll Dice in this Apex Legends themed PvP or PvE Tabletop Experience
built on caltrop core; welcome to a neverending hell mall, there's like pizza or something too idk
A simple and silly game of wrestling robots, built on Caltrop Core!
Solo-journaling game of dynastic rulers making pyramids.
Players take on the roles of detectives, werewolves, or a mixture of both to solve a crime.
A conversation game about planning and resolving your next dungeon crawl.
They told you that you'd have to kill your companions to earn your freedom. Is there a better way?
A shortform TTRPG about animal people escaping from a metropolitan city.
Your classic bear and other animal companions RPG
A one page RPG about ruining a nice day out at the beach with mayhem and murder.
A survival horror one-shot adventure to be animalistically devoured by 3-5 goofs
A Game about Super Natural Assassins using their Powers to complete Missions
A Caltrop Core RPG About Exploration
Narrative detective game about trying to obtain redemption.
A Caltrop Core Game about stress.
Embark on a trek across the mountain range to reach the foretold destination
Take on the role of a space crew sent to the far reaches of the universe.
Bears, have some wonderful soups and join me for some company!