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It's my birthday at the end of June and I'd like nothing more than to sit down and play new games about one of my favourite things in roleplaying games - treasure!

I want to see games that engage with the idea of treasure, trinkets, items, loot - whatever you want to call it, and however you want to interpret it. Show us thoughtful, meditative games like Artefact, quirky card games like Unlock, or anything else you can conjure up!

Some guidelines:

  • TTRPG games are preferred but anything you can come up with is fair game - video games, interactive fiction, print and play board games, music, whatever. Game-adjacent things - supplements, subsystems, loot generation tables, whatever - are also perfectly fine.
  • Charge for your work. You're worth it. (Obviously this is entirely up to you but if you're doing the work you should get paid. One caveat: I highly encourage you to offer Community Copies, if you're in a position to be able to do so.)
  • Where possible, offer a text-only version for accessibility purposes.
  • Nazi punks fuck off.

The jam will run for a month. There's no judging or voting in this jam, and no prizes. It's purely for fun.

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Choose which treasures you'll be buried with.
A solo or multiplayer Roleplaying Game
a Wretched & Alone game of godly demise and divine treasure
Lasers & Feelings & Dungeons
All that glisters is not gold— Often have you heard that told.
Collect treasure. Fight monsters. Solve puzzles.
First Person Puzzle / Action Adventure Game