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Make a bullet hell game with a twist to the core mechanics. 

It's about creating something still bullet hell but fundamentally different, not just a small mechanical addition or tweak. 

Start with white is a game in which each bullet is a random colour, colliding with a bullet merges your colour with it's. You have a target colour, and so must judge what bullets to hit v dodge!

Ammodillo is a game where you have to block bullets in order to get bullets. 

In undertale, dodging is still the same but the core innovations come from the secondary gameplay loop. The bullet hell segments serve the RPG attacks, the patterns reflecting the personality of the enemies. 

There are many ways to approach this jam. Identify what a bullet hell is, figure out how you could fundamentally twist it, then take it from there. Consider, genre, the types of challenges the player faces, game loops...

You should not wait until last minute to complete the game. Get the basics in early, then innovate, improve and polish. The core gameplay should be done before your halfway point. This gives you time to fix issues, encouraging innovation. 

  1. The game should be created within the time limit. This includes assets. Logos are an exception. 
  2. Teams are allowed.
  3. Game's should ideally be playable in browser.
  4. Game's should be in line with the jams concept. 
  5. The game engine is your choice.
  6. Your submission must include screenshots from the game.
  7. You maintain complete ownership of anything you produce for this jam.
  8. Watch this video:

This may seem like an odd rule. I'm not asking you to watch it in full if you really don't want to.

But a lot of games in previous jams lack juice/polish. 

The example above is very over the top, it's just one approach, and for some kinds of games, something more calm for example, that approach is probably not advised. But there's always something you can do to emphasize a games feeling. It's about style! Consider it. 

Concept - How strong is the idea behind the game? 

Execution - How well was the idea pulled off? Did it succeed at the jams objective? 

Polish - Does the game feel good to play? Do things flash, bounce, animate, squish, morph, splatter? 

Relevance - Does it stick to the jams core? 

All areas for judging are voted on openly so remember to vote on some entries when the time comes!

Q: Do I need to be a big bullet hell fan in order to enter?

A: No. You can be anywhere from a Touhou lover to someone who thinks Touhou is a person who specializes in foot obsession. You don't even need to like bullet hells, just take the basic premise and twist it to something you do like!

Q: When do I make the game? When do I submit?

A: The jam period should appear at the top of the page. Once it begins, you make the game and submit all within the jam period. Once it's over, you'll have a few days to play and rate other games. 

Q: "Game should be created within the time period", what does that mean?

A: The code, sound effects, music and artwork should all be created within the jam period. 

You can use tools to help you however! Such as BFXR, a tool for creating sound effects very quickly:

Q: I have a question the strawman didn't ask, how do I ask you?

A: Near the top of the page there is a "Community" section, you can create posts there. 


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Absorb magic cards to attack back with magic spell!
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