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This is Bullet Bash! Step right up.

Create an original Bullet Hell Shmup game.

All programming languages, frameworks, and development tools are welcome.


There absolutely should not be any NSFW content. (No nudity and no partial nudity. No blood and no gore. No profanity.)

There absolutely should not be any harmful or malicious material.

All resources, such as sprites and music, should be your own.

The overall file size should be under 100 Megabytes. Reasonable exceptions may be made.

Include a Windows executable (.exe) version of your game, or make it web-based.

Preferred but not required: Incorporate dynamic difficulty (difficulty that adapts to the player's skill level in real time).

Judging Criteria:

I will bestow each qualified entry with a unique award. Creators will have the right to mention that their entry won the specific award bestowed to it. Winners will be notified in some form or fashion. Let the bestowing begin!

The following are two examples of possible awards. Though this game jam is not ranked, entries bestowed with either of these awards are the equivalent of "1st Place".

Old Reliable: This game best captures what it means to be a Bullet Hell Shmup. 

New Star: This game brings the best original feature to the Bullet Hell Shmup genre.

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Prototype example entry for Bullet Bash
Bullet-hell shooter with a simple format for levels & bosses. Make your own bullet-hell without programming knowledge!