This jam is now over. It ran from 2018-06-01 06:59:59 to 2018-06-02 01:48:46.


Hey Boxers,

There have been problems with the servers and submission process so I am making a change early on right now since only 3 people have submitted their games so far. To submit your game for this game jam, you need to email your .bbdoc to me at before midnight on June 3rd PST. I tried to send this email to everyone earlier, but only allows me to send 1 email to you all every 24 hours. I have created a video explaining everything and how to submit your game to us:

New Submission Process

Also, here is a new countdown timer so you can keep track of how much time you have left:

New Countdown Timer

I apologize for the technical difficulties, but I'm taking this measure to make sure that your games are protected. I will be closing submissions for this Game Jam on, but you will still be able to email your games in to me at before midnight on June 3rd PST. So, please do not think that the game jam is over, even though it will say so on the game jam page. Again, I apologize for the inconvenience, but I wanted to do this to make sure everything stays fair. 



How to Join:

1. Click join here on

2. OPTIONAL: (Those who do Step #2 and #3 will receive 5 bonus points for judging)

Share two posts two out of three different social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) with the hashtag #BuildboxGameJam

Don't know what to share? Here's a basic caption you can copy and paste: 

“Buildbox is hosting their first official game jam! I just registered and so should you! Link: #BuildboxGameJam”

Also, here's a zip folder of images you can post on Instagram or any other platform together with your caption:

3. Fill-out this form:

Welcome Boxers!

You asked for it and here it is! Introducing the first official Buildbox Game Jam ever!

We’ll be announcing the game jam theme on May 31 at 11 PM PST. The jam begins one hour after (June 1 at 12 AM PST). After that, participants will have 3 days to create the most awesome game in the history of man. The submission period closes on June 3 at 11:59 PM PST. 

We will be announcing the theme on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Email, Youtube, Buildbox Forum, and Buildbox Discord. 


Challenge accepted, yes? Then put your name in the Mug of Fire and register!

“Good luck and may the odds be ever in your favor.” 🙌

Looking for a team?

Go to and find existing teams looking for members or create your own and collaborate!


1st Place Wins:

1.  Master Collection 2! This includes 6 pieces of software: Voxelbox, Soundbox, Animationbox, Pixelbox, Buildbox 2, and Buildbox 3! (Worth Over $3000!)

2. Buildbox Home Page Feature

3. Buildbox Showcase Feature

4. Buildbox Social Media Feature (More than 100,000 followers and fans)

2nd Place Wins:

1. Buildbox Pro For A  Whole Year ( $948 Value!) 

2. Buildbox Showcase Feature

3. Buildbox Social Media Feature 

3rd Place Wins: 

1. Buildbox Pro For Half A Year ($600 Value)

2. Buildbox Showcase Feature

3. Buildbox Social Media Feature 

Game Jam Rules:

1. Theme will be announced on: May 31, 2018 at 11 PM PST. Timer starts one hour after the announcement (June 1, 2018 at 12AM PST). All participants have 72 hours after that to create and submit their games.

2. Share two posts on two different social media platforms (You can choose between Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) with the hashtag #BuildboxGameJam. Make sure you've also filled out this form:

3. Game must be created using Buildbox and must follow the set theme.

4. All artwork, music, sound effects, etc., used to build the game should be owned by you, licensed to you, you have permission to use, or is under the creative commons license.

5. Game submitted must follow the theme.

6. Entire game must only be created during the 72 hours allotted. Please do not use or submit games that were created before. Honesty is the best policy!

7. Game must be funny, unique, memorable, stylish, disturbing, original, emotional, bizarre, touching, outlandish, soothing, exciting! Avoid clones at all costs. In 3 days you can't win on production value, but you can win on ideas. 

8. Entries will be submitted through You only have to upload your BBDOC and that's it! Very easy right?

9. Submission will be closed 72 hours after the announcement of the theme (June 3rd, 2018 at 11:59 PM PST) and late entries will not be accepted. Participants are not allowed to edit or add to submissions after the allotted time.

10. Be nice, be a good sportsman, collaborate, be creative… But most of all, have fun!


What is a Game Jam?

A game jam is an event where participants try to make the best video game they can and do it as quickly as possible. Most game jams take place over a single weekend, where everyone has 48 -72 hours to try to make a game often based on a secret theme that is either voted upon or chosen by the organizers. The theme is used as a limitation that encourages creative thinking. 

How Do I Submit My Game?

1. Submit your game no later than June 3rd, 2018 at 11:59 PM PST. Late entries will not be accepted. 

2. File name should be: "GameName-TeamorIndividual Name.bbdoc"  (Example: TheLineZen-TreySmith.bbdoc )

2. Submit the .BBDOC file by uploading it here.

3. That's it! Congratulate yourself for finishing a game in 3 days. 

What is the Game Jam Theme?

We will be announcing the theme 1 hour before the Game Jam starts. Precisely at 11:00 PM PST on May 31st.

Who Picks the Winner?

The Buildbox Team :D 

We will collect all of your bbdocs and pick out the game that we think is best overall. We will definitely factor in how well you use the theme in our decision. 

Who is allowed to join? Teams or Individuals?

- We welcome both! Both teams and individuals are allowed to enter. If you are looking for a team, you can go to: and create your own or look for other members there.

What's the game type?

- You're free to decide the type you wish to create. As long as it's not a direct copycat of another game and follows the rules and the theme, we're good. We do not want to restrict your creativity so go for anything you want.

Will artwork and sound be provided?

- Nope. You are free to use whichever art or music you want as long as you have the permission to do it (you've purchased it or it's licensed to you, you own it, you drew it, etc). Again, we do not want to restrict anyone's creativity and have a bunch of games which look the same.

Can we upload games already created if matches the theme?

No. That would be the same as cheating. You can only start working on your game once the jam has started.