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Seed of Corruption_Prototype
Welcome to our world where lots of crazy turns happen. Take the risk, collect a clue and see what is hidden for you.
Attempt to catch the murderer by analysing clues to solve the mystery of the murder.
Developed in 48 hours during the Bug Game Jam Fall 2017. It is a short point&click adventure game.
A platformer-adventure that played with moving the main platform.
Re Do Or ?
Play in browser
Wivo The Hero
An Escape From Sunnet
A card game made in 48 hours in BUG Fall GameJam
Text Based Adventure
Danger Catch Murderer Game
Team Santa
Role Playing
thief, sneak, open world, board game, theft, rpg
​This is an early prototype of a 3D Adventure game about a man who is lost in the limbo.
Solve the mysterious crime by collecting clues
Begüm Ceren Onar, Ege Kumlalı, Ekin Küçük, Öznur Özdal