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Seed of Corruption_Prototype
Attempt to catch the murderer by analysing clues to solve the mystery of the murder.
Developed in 48 hours during the Bug Game Jam Fall 2017. It is a short point&click adventure game.
A platformer-adventure that played with moving the main platform.
Re Do Or ?
Play in browser
Welcome to our world where lots of crazy turns happen. Take the risk, collect a clue and see what is hidden for you.
Wivo The Hero
An Escape From Sunnet
A card game made in 48 hours in BUG Fall GameJam
Text Based Adventure
Danger Catch Murderer Game
Team Santa
Role Playing
thief, sneak, open world, board game, theft, rpg
​This is an early prototype of a 3D Adventure game about a man who is lost in the limbo.
Solve the mysterious crime by collecting clues
Begüm Ceren Onar, Ege Kumlalı, Ekin Küçük, Öznur Özdal