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Grab a buddy. Make a game!

Theme (optional): Dark

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Experienced jammers have the opportunity to share their knowledge, and lead new people into game development - in the form of a collaborative game jam!

Inexperienced jammers & first timers have the opportunity to learn, and receive guidance and mentorship.

Don't know how to code? GREAT!

Buddy Jam is a sharing of knowledge and experience - and a demystifying of the game development process.

There are so many creative people, artists, musicians, storytellers, voice actors etc.. who may dream about making games.

But it can be intimidating to get started!

Your 'Buddy' could be:

  • A family member!
  • A Friend!
  • A Stranger!

This can be an opportunity to bond with your Buddy.

At the end of the jam, people both new and old to game development will have a tangible, playable, game that they can point to and say "I made that!" or rather "We made that!"

This jam is a chance to share the love, joy, magic, excitement, frustration, creativity, and labor of game development.


  • Follow all laws and licenses
  • Don't start before the jam start date
  • Be excellent to each other
  • Keep it safe for work and kids; Offensive entries (nsfw, lewd, racist, etc..) will be removed at the discretion of the jam organizers.
  • Please follow common sense; Buddy Jam is a safe place. :)
  • Duos or teams only,  completely solo entries not allowed
    • The spirit of the jam is mentorship and collaboration. If you give/receive mentorship inside of the buddy jam community (discord, reddit etc) that counts!

The intention of Buddy jam is to make something possible for people, that would not be possible by themselves


Buddy Jam started as Kinder Jam

Inspired by:

  • Hanging out with my uncle and watching him code away on his projects when I was a kid.
  • Making games with my older brother when I was new to game development.
  • Indie Game the Movie; Specifically the game development relationship between Phil Fish and his Father.


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Command an army of darkness to conquer the world of elemental creatures.
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