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What is Buddy Jam?

Buddy Jam has been set up to help those who feel isolated in the games industry make friends and connections. It can be scary and quite difficult to make bonds with new people, especially during COVID times, so Buddy Jam has been created with hopes of it helping with that scary first step, and to give an easy conversational starting point. 

Game Jams are a lot of fun but it can feel quite lonely when you don't have a team of folk to participate with. That's where Buddy Jam comes in...

How does it work?

Participants are asked a few questions and are then put into teams depending on their responses. You'll be notified of your group after the deadline has passed and teams will then have 1 month* to chat with one another, discuss ideas and going with their game! 

*This is an advised deadline but I understand life, schedules and time zones can make this tricky. Spend as much time working together with your team as you'd like!


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