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The Brno Game Jam is 48-hours hackathon in making games organized by Herní Klastr. It doesn't matter if you are a beginner, professional or hobby game developer, anyone can join and try to create something amazing! You can have your team in advance or team up right on site - game jams connect people of various skills keen on game development. It’s an opportunity to meet new friends, gain new experience, try out your ideas, and especially - be creative!


Vote for one of the following topics in the registration form:

  • Brno legends
  • Brno underground
  • Simple Brno
  • Shadow Brno
  • Freedom Square

The theme with the most votes will be announced at the start of the jam.


The jam is taking place in KUMST creative hub Brno at Údolní 19. Yes! After a long time, finally a game jam on a dedicated location.

We'll take care of a small refreshment - baguettes, toaster, drinks (soft drinks, energy drinks and water) and of course a lot of coffee. There will be available showers and room for sleepover, so take your mats and sleeping bags if you are planning to dare to sleep.

Even though this is a non-profit event, the entrance is FREE. However the capacity is limited so don't hesitate with the registration.


April 5-7, 2024, Friday to Sunday from 18:00 to 18:00.


  • 16:30 - gates opening
  • 17:45 - introduction, organization, explanation of the submission
  • 18:00 - theme announcement!
  • 23:59 - one should sleep a bit


  • 8:00 - informal wake up call
  • 12:00 - lunch chat, idea sharing
  • 13:00 - show&tell your WIP
  • 18:00 - announcement that half of the jam is behind us
  • 23:59 - one should sleep a bit


  • 8:00 - informal wake up call
  • 12:00 - lunch chat, panic sharing (shared therapy)
  • 15:00 - internal playtest
  • 16:00 - the end is near, remainder of how to submit the project
  • 18:00 - the end! mutual games playing
  • 20:00 - cleanup, running away

>> WHY

The biggest reward of each game jam is the creation itself. However we also have some physical prizes prepared for the best project. You can win free tickets to the Game Access Conference.

On the site, there will be professionals from the game industry providing feedback and mentorship. Use that in your advantage.


Follow these two simple steps:

  1. Login (or register) to your account and click on 'Join jam' above
  2. Register yourself by filling in the Google form where you can vote for the jam theme

Each attendee registers individually, regardless teams.


Games will be evaluated in two categories:

  • Jury pick: Selected reviewers picking together the winner of the jam
  • User's choice: Contributors reviewing other submissions and rank them in various categories

During the review period, it is not possible to update the submission. However, it's possible to modify the submission's webpage (so don't waste time with that before the deadline).

Results are to be announced on April 13 at 20:00, 2024 online on Discord. Feel free to join us.

Despite the fact that there are some prizes for the winning team, don't consider the game jam as a competition but rather an opportunity to meet like-minded people who just want to have fun creating stuff. So we encourage everyone to talk to other teams, play other games and help other jammers.


  • Max team size: 4 member. Each member needs to be assigned to the project as co-author. Note that members can be added even after the submission, but before the voting ends.
  • The build must run either on Windows 10 based computer, Android 6.0+ mobile device or WebGL. If you're targeting VR, make sure SteamVR or Oculus Quest is supported. But keep in mind that not everyone has such devices so your target audience might be smaller.

>> Q&A

  • Can I make a board game?
    • We plan to allow board games in one of the future jams. However we are not ready yet for such commitment.
  • Do I have to fill in the Google form registration?
    • It's not strictly mandatory but it helps us to know what we should prepare and also you can vote for the jam topic.
  • Can I join online?
    • Not this time, sorry.
  • I registered but something came up and I can't go. What should I do?
    • Write us an e-mail. We hope to see you next time :)
  • What should I bring?
    • Extension power cables, PC / laptop, good mood.


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"True walking simulator: Learn how to walk under substance influence"
Adventure survival game from depths of Brno
Play in browser
Play in browser
Accept the challenge to plan & build a metro in Brno's underground
Play in browser
Ujmi se role gorily na vstupu do undergroundového baru Pod Brnem!
Role Playing
Play in browser
Drag racing game