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Breathless is a survival horror role-playing game featuring dreading mechanics. Every skill check brings you one step closer to more dangerous situations. Characters are talented and proactive, but the path that lies in front of them is perilous. They will face difficult tasks, try to catch their breath, scavenge what they can find, and try to get through in one piece.

To allow everyone to make games using similar mechanics, I've released the Breathless System Reference Document. This SRD is a free and open licensed  version of the game that includes the mechanics along with insightful designer notes for you to copy/paste/hack/adapt into your own Breathless games.

The goal behind the Breathless Jam is for you to take this SRD and make it your own! You can use it to make another survival horror type game, or anything else you have in mind. There is no theme for this jam.

The Breathless SRD is both a great entry point for new designers, while also offering tons of flexibility and hackability so that more experienced designers have lots of fun using it.

Your Game

To participate, you need to submit a game that uses the Breathless SRD during the month of June. If you already have designed a Breathless game, or fall short on the deadline, it's totally OK! Just contact me and I will send you a custom submission link to add your game to the list!


You can price your game as you wish. You could use a "Pay What You Want" model, or make it a paid game. Use the model that you are the more comfortable with. If you submit a paid game, consider providing community copies!


To make your game reach as many people as possible, use the #BreathlessJam hashtag on Twitter, and don't hesitate to tag me @RPDeshaies so that I can do help you boost it!


You can release a Breathless game in any size or format you desire. Breathless was released in a half-fold brochure format, which made it very accessible, since people could print it at home and use it as is. That being said, if you want to make a book sized game using this SRD, go at it!


The Breathless SRD is released under Creative Commons Attribution CC-BY 4.0. That means you are free to use the content of the SRD for your own game, provided you give proper credit. To do so, just copy the text below in your game!

This work is based on Breathless, product of Fari RPGs (, developed and authored by René-Pier Deshaies-Gélinas , and licensed for our use under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License (

Here a couple of resources that you can use to make your own Breathless game!

The Breathless SRD

Free, and open licensed, this is the place to start to make your own Breathless game. It features all the core mechanics of Breathless, plus tons of great designer notes.

The SRD also includes an Affinity Publisher, a Google Docs and a Canva template for you to get started as quickly as possible!


This is the game that the SRD is based off. Players play as survivors in a walled city full of zombies. You can use this as an inspiration to help you glue in your setting on top of the SRD using nice descriptors or rolling tables.


There are tons of other designers who are creating content using this SRD. Come and talk with us in the Fari Community either on Discord or Twitter!

Breathless Games

This is collection plays host to all the Breathless games to date! Check it out if you want to know how others have tackled the main design challenges in making games with this SRD!


Here are a couple of videos of people reviewing/playing Breathless that you can use if you need some inspiration for your game!


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Breathless Sci-Fi Tabletop Role-Playing Game in the Used Future
A Breathless game about venturing into The Zone.
A Breathless supernatural slasher horror TTRPG
An epic, fast and furious system for minis and maps using Breathless.
Earth's core is gone. Close the portal that conusmed it.
Resist, Fight, Survive
A Solo Tabletop Role-Playing Game of Exploration and Survival
JdR inspiré par le film Crinqué / TTRPG inspired by the movie Crank
A Breathless Game of Reality TV and Monster Hunting
As Scouts you must endure the winter wastes of an alien world or humanity might take its last Frozen Breath
In the future, the world ended. You've come back to save it. A Breathless game.
A Breathless Game Of A Fleet On The Run
Evade | Survive | Escape
Time for a crime spree.
A solo playable trek through a strange desert after a train crash. Play to find out if you survived.
Retain your breath, escape the Archive.
A "Breathless" TTRPG of horror and deep space mining
Endure and survive. This game is Breathless.
Feed, protect and preserve MOTHER.
A tabletop RPG of trying to survive a hostile simulation
A Parenting Survival RPG
existential exploration at the edge of the world
Fight For Rights is a political action game built upon the Breathless SRD
Station-Based Scifi TTRPG powered by Breathless!
A tabletop rpg about Arcanists after the consumption of magic.
Will you come with me? — To the end of time...
Survive. Fight. Liberate.
A solo rpg of dwindling divinity and forbidden rituals
A GM-less storytelling game of secret agency containing eldritch horrors
A Role-Playing Game about Death, Resurrection, and Revenge
The great beasts threaten your village. Gather your weapon and fight back. A Breathless game.
A Breathless GM-optional heist game.
A modern urban fantasy game inspired by various TV shows.
A Breathless game of propagandized war.
A solo survival simulator / journaling game about isolation, rebuilding, tragedy, and hope.
Breathless splatterpunk sci-fi roleplaying.
A Breathless Rodents-of-Fortune Role-Playing Game
How far will you go to survive? What are you willing to risk to save another? How do you respond to your Dread?
A Role-Playing Game about Cattle, Cowboys, and Survival
Apocalyptic Breathless roleplaying with supernatural elements
A front-and-back one-page Breathless game
Breathless cyberpunk roleplaying.
Un jdr solo de divinité déclinante et de rituels défendus
Breathless roleplaying at the end of an era.
Mystery snack time! Muster your character's courage with snacks and solve a fun all-ages mystery together!
A daily collection of games I made during May 2022
A minimalist game that allows you to emulate games on the theme of transhumanism and mental intrusion
Foolhardy Investigators vs. the Paranormal!
Breathless Cold War Espionage
(Free copies available!) A Breathless RPG of supernatural investigations
Frankenstein-inspired Breathless roleplaying.
A Breathless microgame where you escape from an Imperial bombardment.
Story-first Breathless action-adventure in a modern or historical setting with mild supernatural elements.
Discover, Survive, Quest, Claim, Escape…The Path is Open!
A Breathless Dark Bedtime Stories Role-Playing Game
Will you spend the rest of eternity here in the mansion with Old Man Hoffman?
Breathless Dark Magical Girl Tabletop Role-Playing Game About Difficult Choices
Survive and escape being hunted on a hostile planet to earn your freedom.
A Breathless game
Claw your way to the top of the boxing scene at any cost
WICKED isn't good. Never stop running.
A mutant monster slaying ttrpg
Slasher role-playing game set in Galiza
A Breathless game of psychological horror
Breathless cosmic horror roleplaying in a modern setting.
A Breathless magical girl roleplaying game about balancing school life with fighting the forces of evil.
Role Playing
Science Fiction Roleplaying Game
Play as teenagers solving mysteries in the 80's.
Retake the mines of Moria in this Breathless TTRPG