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Welcome to the fight club! This jam is to celebrate the release of the Breakfast Fight Club SRD! It is the SRD that created the Batter Royale game by Jenna (The Forgotten Troupe) and Squidsy (Trauma Bond Studios/ Lost Guide Games). It is released in CC-BY 4.0 and is open to anyone who wants to build, hack, twist, create their own TTRPGs. This is a ranked jam (Would it be a true Fight Club if it wasn't?) so let's get to the regulations and rules!

  • Your ttrpg must have the Breakfast Fight Club SRD elements! Hacking with other SRD is acceptable, but it must include the BFC as well
  • You have 2 weeks to turn in your game, start as soon as you can
  • It is public vote so be sure to advertise your game
  • Tag @corrosivesquid or @lostguidegames and we will help you boost it!

Now onto the rankings 

  1. Best Team Names
  2. Best Weapon Types
  3. Best Setting Overall
  4. Best in Show
  5. 2 Judge's Choice (One for Squidsy and one for Jenna)


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