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Topic: Games for kids during quarantine.
Subtopic: Fairy tales.

What’s in it?

TLDR: make a game for kids to fill the quarantine with adventure

Bratislava Game Jam Session: Stay Home Edition is a week-long remote-only game jam, where people gather online, share knowledge and build things. The topic of the session is games for kids during quarantine. Stay home safely with your computer or other favorite tools, dream and design your own little game, and show it to other fellow game designers in the virtual world. Let's help ourselves, parents and poor bored kids which must already be overwhelmed with traditional video games. Bring some fairytales into this misery!


  • competition - okey only small one. Attendees can vote on
  • no time stress (lol)
  • symbolic prize - tickets to SNM - Museum of History - Bratislava Castle
  • you can be alone or on a team
  • maximum 4 persons per team

What is appreciated:

  • multiplayer games
  • easy ones
  • in this case - please no education! Give them a break. An adventurous one. Or magical.

What will be next?

  • we will contact schools, game authorities, cool parents etc. and spread your final work.

Deadline: 25. 3. 2020 midnight. Because during midnight things happen. Cinderella and stuff.

This event is part of

Thanks to Slovak National Museum - Museum of History for the tickets <3


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Explore the town, brave the dark forest to discover ancient secrets.
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Neuveriteľný a pútavý príbeh prasiatok a chobotníc.
Help the children through the forest and back home!
Co-op hypercasual mobile game, could you save the princes? BGJ stay home editon entry
Simple 2 player football game with several twists
Land of Chumbaliv is a fairy land with magical creatures and a princess Ela to rule them all.
Local multiplayer game made for Bratislava Game Jam
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Experience dreamy adventure of the secret book in endless dungeon with Little Jimmy
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