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To be clear, I would say the name in all of it's glory, but i'm not sure what the regulations for cursing is on Itch, and i'm not about to "read" anything just for the sake of this. The name of the game is to try to make a game using brainf*ck, an esoteric,  minimalist (it only has 8 commands), rage inducing  programming language.  If you want to see why that would be hard, scroll down. There are more than a few ways to code in Brainf*ck, but i would suggest Visual Brainf*ck. To get it, go here.

if you want to, I would suggest watching this. it explains a lot if you're interested. 

there is an optional theme, strategy. (chess, etc.)

please add your source code into the submission, so that you can prove that you coded it in brainf*ck, and also because that sounds cool.


In brainf*ck there are no arguments, and no addresses. just 8 characters.

brainf*ck operates on a single address space, which goes on for basically as long as you want.

you can only read one byte at a time, and change the byte you are reading with a "pointer"

have fun.



> increment the data pointer (point to the next cell on the right)

> decrement pointer (point to the next cell on the left)

+ increment the byte at the data pointer

- decrement the byte at the data pointer

. output the byte at the data point as an ASCII character 

, accept one byte of input, storing its value in the byte at the data pointer.

[ and ] are basically the loop command, moving forward if the byte at the data pointer is zero. (they can be nested)

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