Submission open from 2018-04-01 07:00:00 to 2018-05-01 06:59:59
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Yo yo yo, it's ya boy, the real G, GT here with a shitty game jam cuz' my brain is drained from the current project whatever that is. So yeah, It goes for the whole goddammed month of april, all the way from Easter to May. 

Here at the Brain Drain Free Reign Mind Gain 2018, we like to take it fast and loose. As such, yall aint gonna have no categories or themes or whatever it is that these fancy game jams have nowadays. We do have a prompt tho, which is ENTIRELY DIFFERENT to a "theme" in that it does not come with the obligation that you are supposed to follow it. Feel real free to just, not. 

El prompt is: "Crop-Bot" (as in [product of field]-[robot] or messis ex machina)

Submissions are ranked by the following categories which should be self-evident in their names, but are roughly analogous to the description in brackets:

Snazz (the looks)

Jazz (the sounds)

Razz (the gameplay)

Tazz (the story/the arc; how compelling the game is)

Pizaz (the overall)

Cool, enjoy the jam, my dudes